Khalo Kardashian claims that Big Sis Kim is already in love with her boyfriend Pitt

Kim Kardashian Apparently the boyfriend fell in love Pete Davidson!

That’s why Kim’s younger sister Khalo KardashianAt least!

37 years old Good American The founder live-tweeted the new episode on Thursday The Kardashians, As he has done on reality TV with almost every episode of the family running year after year. And his Twitter Conversation about this new ep Hulu The streaming series focuses on Kim’s love for Pete, among other things! So at least Khloé said!

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The Revenge Body When Alum responded to a fan account tweet on Thursday evening, he responded by calling Kim “so beautiful” and “in love.” Live Saturday night As the star feels the romantic vibe and KarJenner seems to confirm the world’s suspicions, Khloé’s reaction has gone to another level. And it all involves a wonderful lot of caps!

As you can see (below), True ThompsonHer mother claims to be in “LOOOOOVVVEEEE” with Kim Pitt:

Very beautiful!

Now, as we have reported, Kim has deliberately restrained things Kardashian Every producer about her romantic feelings Cute look The star actually, during the new episode of the streaming series on Thursday, was asked by a producer Kim if she fell in love with the 28-year-old comic. The SKIMS Mughal jumped into the question, gestured with a smile and replied:

“Um, I don’t know if it’s your business.”

Kim !! Girl !!! You’re creating that show and inviting everyone to it, LOL !! We have no work ?? LOLLLLL … we are children, we are children. We get it. He has to show that he is trying his best to keep everything in balance. Fortunately for us, Kholo apparently has no hesitation in taking it there in public!

And so the real L-word itself is now officially part of Ket’s love story !!

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BTW, Khloé’s habit of live-tweeting is not just about Kim’s connection to Kim King of Staten Island As the star pushed the new episode of Thursday into its final moments, viewers were able to see the first moment where Kholo was forced to fight with the baby’s father. Tristan ThompsonIt involves the latest fraud Marali Nichols.

The episode cuts off Khloé’s reaction to the baby dad’s drama, using it as a cliffhanger for next week’s season finale, but even the last few moments of the lead cause some obvious panic to the reality TV veteran. Concluding his live-tweeting with this difficult message (below), Khloé admits that it was not easy for him to save those difficult moments once again:

We get it completely.

It’s incredible to hear that your daughter’s father is walking behind you while you’re working on a reunion and that he’s the father of a child with another woman. There is really no other way to see it. And we feel sorry for him because he has to deal with Tristan’s seemingly endless misbehavior again.


[Image via Khloé Kardashian/Instagram/Saturday Night Live/YouTube]

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