Kim Kardashian apologizes to her family over how Kenny West treated them

Kim Kardashian How is over Connie West Treated her and the rest of the Kardashian family throughout their marriage – and refused to let it happen again!

During the last episode Kardashians On Thursday, Kim invited her sisters Khalo Kardashian, Courtney KardashianAnd Kendall JennerPlus her mother Chris Jenner, Corey GambleAnd Travis Barker Over for a small dinner to catch up. Suddenly, the 66-year-old Mamagar receives a text message from a friend warning him that Yeh is coming up with a new song – probably to hurt him. And surprisingly, Kim doesn’t seem happy about it. He reacted sarcastically to the news:

“Very good.”

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The 41-year-old reality star went on to speculate that the song meant “I mean he’s talking crazy about me and probably whatever.” His speculation was not far away! While it is not clear which track the text was referred to in the scene, the 44-year-old rapper left out some shady and related songs about Kim and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, Several songs in the last few months. So it can have about a number of tracks – including Easy, Which has a terrifying line threatening to “kill Pete Davidson’s ass.”

And as we all know, things have only grown on social media! She has spent months harassing Kim over everything from keeping their four children away from her to condemning her for allowing their daughter. The answer On Tick ​​tock. So it is safe to say that the song was just the tip of the iceberg!

Jumping to save his sister, Kholo commented:

“Most men are not trashing their children’s mothers in public. We don’t have to sit here and throw stones. We take it on the chin. “

Chris then yells that Kim is always on his back no matter what:

“You were nothing but the mother of her children and great to her.”

He continued to confess, saying:

“When people say abusive things about any of us, it hurts us all, because one day your kids will read it all and see it.”

Really true!

Meanwhile, Khloé promises SKIMS Creator that:

“Action will always be by your side. You will never regret being a good person. You will never stand on the level of other people. “

And despite all her hatred, Kim assured her family that she would “never bow down” to the level of the ear. He then expressed his displeasure at his family’s past behavior – and promised never to let it happen again:

“I will never stop being mine. All I can control is how I react to something. I can’t control how he treats me or how he treats you all the time. I defended myself for so long, but I said I would never let that happen to you again. I feel for once in my life that I feel strong. I will not let anyone treat you [bad] Either way or myself. “

As you probably withdraw, Yeezy The designer has clashed with Kim’s child several times over the years – even calling her mother infamously “Chris Jung-un”. Twitter Comes back in 2020. So it doesn’t surprise us that Kicks feels bad about how his behavior has affected the group! In a confession, he actually apologized to them, saying:

“I understand the impact my relationship has had on my family and I’ve never had a chance to just say, ‘I’m sorry friends.'”

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