Kim Kardashian bites (literally) after not being called by fans

Kim Kardashian He is being called!

The 41-year-old reality TV star was called by social media fans last week when it was revealed that she was not actually eating food for her new ad. Out of the flesh. On both sides Instagram And TwitterUsers have ruthlessly ridiculed the 41-year-old celebrity for pushing her ad to appear (not so subtly) to avoid being bitten by the plant-based offers shown on the screen!

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But now Kim is seen Was Actually eating food, even with video products made by Beyond Meat, even if it doesn’t necessarily look like it! And we know someone other than the cause SKIMS The mogul himself returned to IG on Tuesday afternoon to prove to the world that he had indeed bitten, chewed and swallowed! And we’ve seen it all!

Kim went to her IG store on Tuesday to release a series of new videos from her plant-based commercial work behind the scenes and featuring previously unpublished content. vids one, Kardashian The star unbuttoned the top of a Beyond Meat burger and explained that he was “getting rid of some carbohydrates” before landing in the gorgeous-looking patty.

Also, he wrote in the caption of the clip, “Friends, come on” – you know, he was really watching the reaction of the haters. And Are annoyed by them! LOLz!

As you can see (below), Connie WestHis ex-wife also shared other videos from the shoot showing him eating a variety of foods while on set, first with the aforementioned burger where he called the critics:

Kim Kardashian bites (literally) after calling fans not to eat in viral ads!  Look!
A plant-based burger, please! / (C) Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Love the sauce!

Then, there was a combo order – pun intended!

Kim proved conclusively that she ate tacos and chicken nuggets while filming:

Kim Kardashian bites (literally) after calling fans not to eat in viral ads!  Look!
How did they taste, Kim ?! / (C) Kim Kardashian / Instagram


Finally, Kim also picked up some Beyond Meat-branded plant-based sausages:

Kim Kardashian bites (literally) after calling fans not to eat in viral ads!  Look!
Give him credit – he really knows how to close a sale! / (C) Kim Kardashian / Instagram

All right then! Sounds pretty believable to us!

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Of course, as we mentioned in our previous report on the world’s reaction to this ad campaign, this whole debate is a great ad for the people of Beyond Meat. This is a free promotion on top of buying their ads with Kim – because everything she does gets attention! And for better or worse, it all works out when it comes to getting brand names out there. All right ?!

Although what do you think about it, Perezcious reader ?! Sound off about Kim’s Beyond Meet in the comments (below) Repeat her response with your acceptance in the video!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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