Kim Kardashian has called for a ban on assault weapons, common sense gun laws

Kim Kardashian has issued a lengthy and heartfelt statement in response to this week’s tragedy in Texas.

On Tuesday, an 18-year-old gunman opened fire inside the town’s Rob Primary School, killing 19 children and two teachers.

When the nation jumps on the bandwagon, and the country continues to debate gun control legislation that would make it a crime to buy automatic weapons for certain people … Kardashian has made it clear which way he is heading.

Kim Kardashian, all business

“Five years ago, almost a day ago, I wrote an article for my blog about my thoughts on gun control in honor of National Gun Violence Awareness Day,” the mother of four opened up on Facebook on May 25.

In it I asked, “Is it more important to protect the Second Amendment than to protect our own children?”

“Yesterday 19 children were killed by an 18-year-old, and I find myself devastated, upset and outraged at how little work the lawmakers have done to enact gun laws that protect our children.”

Kardashian is certainly far from alone in this feeling.

Kim on fb

“There is no excuse and no argument for what happened yesterday,” he continued.

“The current gun control laws in our country are not protecting our children.”

In fact, a recently changed law in the state allowed the killer to purchase his AR-15, legalizing the possession of such weapons for 18-year-olds.

According to the latest reports, local police officers refused to enter the school building even after being called to the scene, giving the killer plenty of time to barricade himself and his victims inside a classroom.

Kim's statement

To pay tribute to his message, we are only going to publish the rest of Kardashian’s Facebook post in full below …

We need to push our legislators to make laws that are appropriate in today’s world. Semi-automatic weapons, assault weapons, weapons of war, should not be legally sold or owned by American civilians.

They should be banned. Duration. AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles were used in the shooting of Buffalo 10 days ago in Newtown, Parkland, Aurora, San Bernardino, Orlando, Parkland and yesterday.

Assault weapons are not a self-defense tool.

They are sophisticated weapons, designed to kill.

Assault weapons did not even exist at the time of writing the Second Amendment.

To point out how we control gun ownership and how we protect our children today, we need to stop using a sentence written centuries ago when technology, time, and humanity were completely different.

Kim Kardashian wants to change the subject

The legal age to buy a firearm is also a serious issue and needs to be addressed and addressed Parkland shooters, Buffalo grocery store shooters, Texas shooters, all under the age of 21 and reportedly bought weapons.

These are teenagers. Anyone who is not old enough to buy alcohol should not be allowed to buy firearms.

There is no world where an 18-year-old needs a semi-automatic weapon or a weapon, and there is no world where the consequences can be anything but tragic.

Even when I typed these words I was seriously shocked that it was considered normal, acceptable and legal.

Kim Kardashian at the 2022 Met Gala

There is no question that mental health, racism, deep-seated hatred all play a role in inspiring mass shootings in recent years.

And at the community level, as parents, as teachers, there is much that can be done to help adolescents and young adults that is not being done.

But what lawmakers can and should control now is access to weapons.

Of course there are people over the age of 21 who buy guns for harm, and there have been other mass shootings by people over the age of 21 in recent years, but if we increase the legal age for purchase, and meet the ban on assault weapons, we can do without it. . Undoubtedly the number of tragedies can be reduced and the lives of children can be saved.

Kim Kardashian has said a lot

We can no longer accept this as normal. It is not normal for a teenager to kill children. It is not normal for our kids to practice active shooter drills in school. It is not uncommon to shoot at grocery stores. I’m not numb by it. I will not be numb by it.

We can’t accept that.

We cannot pass another five years without enacting effective, effective laws to protect our children.

We are parents, we are mothers, we are begging and begging for action.

Kim Kardashian in The Kardashians episode

Imagine all the kids watching their friends die in front of their whole classroom.

Trauma will last a lifetime for everyone involved. For those whose children did not come home from school yesterday, my heartbreaking words cannot be expressed in words.

I urge our leaders to unite and put politics aside and put children first.

Several high-profile stars have made similar statements, but with some details and / or similar indications.

Meanwhile, Meghan Merkel went to Uvalade on Thursday to pay her respects to the victims. They can rest in peace.

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