Kim Kardashian is called by fans for failing to eat her food

Kim Kardashian With being called by fans to promote his new ad Out of the flesh!

The 41-year-old reality TV star took over Instagram To drop the accompanying video this week portraying himself as the “main taste consultant” for the plant-based food company.

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The ad itself is clear Kim hire – exquisite, beautiful, smooth, modern, blah, blah, blah. He even mentioned his world-famous high-end style at the beginning of the ad, saying:

“I believe so much in the Beyond Meat mission that I have taken steps to help my greatest asset – my taste.”

From there, the chef (of, the actors playing chef) brings all kinds of plant-based foods: burgers, meatballs, tacos, sausages and nuggets. The camera cuts in and out, Kim is seen picking up some food, chewing here and there, and talking about how everything tastes “very good.”

But if you look carefully (below), you’ll notice that the burger he’s chewing has never been bitten, and the audience has never really See In the tightly edited video he eats another meal:

Ummm … did he eat it ?! Or just preaching ??

Look, we don’t hate paying Kim, but come on! What are we doing here ?!

In the comments section of his IG post, followers immediately highlighted the apparent lack of actual food intake in the ad. Here are some of the higher responses to Kim’s promo (below):

“She doesn’t eat anything in a video or I’m tripping.”

“But you didn’t put anything in your mouth … are you really eating?”

“It’s so unproven that it hurts …”

“He doesn’t even eat foods that aren’t in hamburgers.”

“I’m not buying it because you’re not really eating it.”

“It’s too much meat, so good that you don’t have to eat it.”

“I can’t believe you ate this Miss Hungry.”

LOLz !!

Others chose the plant-based angle, though, and some praised Kim for trying to promote more environmentally sustainable diets:

“It’s actually a way to reach a lot of new people. Since it has such a huge impact, I’ve got it.”

“Glad to bring you plant-based alternatives”

“Grateful for anyone and anything that improves plant-based food.”

Can’t argue with that! But, as such, you have To eat It’s food to work, isn’t it? Just talking !!

In a separate statement posted on BeyondMit’s website as part of the new campaign, Kim expressed concern about how her “fans know” that her refrigerator is “fully stocked” with the company’s plant-based products:

“As my fans know, my fridge and freezer are fully stocked with Beyond Meat products, and I’m thrilled to be able to inspire people to include Beyond Meat on their food list as its main taste advisor in the campaign.”

Fully stock, maybe. But is food ever eaten ?!

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With all of this, Beyond Meat got what they wanted: Kim’s video has already garnered 1.1 million likes and 16,000 comments. Plus, we’re talking about the company right now, aren’t we? And Kim got what she wanted: Cha-ching!

Still, the questionable cost of this ad is throwing us into a loop!

Did you say Perezius reader ?? Sound off with your take down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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