Kim Kardashian says ex-Kanye West will be around the family ‘whatever

Kim Kardashian And Connie West We need to work together to continue cooperating – because they both know they can’t leave each other’s lives with their four children together.

The 41-year-old reality TV star opened up about it in a new episode KardashiansDrop on that Hulu Thursday. And in his outspoken comments about his instincts with his ex, it seems there are some healthy habits that will positively affect the family!

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It all started when Kani came to pick up the ex couple’s four children – The answer8, Saint6, Chicago4, and Sam, 3 – And take them to school … in a fire truck! The scene shows Yeke smiling as four kids sit in the truck and enjoy chatting with real-life firefighters. Great fun! Especially at that age! (Or, if you’re like us, really have fun at any age … LOLz!)

However, while the kids were enjoying the firefighting experience, Kanye provided some insights into being a dotting dad and (literally) going on a ride:

“I think sometimes people are ashamed to be super dads. Everyone wants to be a great dad and sometimes you have to wear a hat, sometimes you have to wear an Easter bunny. “

He is 100% correct!

And SKIMS The founder must have taken note of the situation on his side as well. In a confession during the episode, Kim reveals how she wants the kids to be their mothers And Their parents may have “whatever” happens around them in their lives.

The Selfish The author says:

“No matter where we go, I always want my kids to be by their father’s side as much as possible and spend their mornings with their father and drop out of school.”

Clearly, there has been no shortage of Kimi dramas over the past few months. But with this attitude – from both sides – the couple can certainly be co-parents in a productive way and see that their four young children are in a position to improve!

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Of course, this is not the first time that one of them has spoken publicly about their family after their divorce.

Last month, d KKW Beauty The Mughals spoke to Jarno Robin Roberts About empathy in the eyes of the public, the TV news speaker now talks about how to navigate things so that his two older children “know what’s going on.”

During that interview, Kim said:

“You have to be there for them. Whatever it is, even in this crazy life that we live in, you just have to have a truly open conversation with your kids. Kani and I had a conversation. We have to talk every day for the kids so you know, I hate that it had to be played that way. But when it comes to family, I mean, Kanye and I will always be family. “

Wise words!

And it is clear that he is now continuing that practice, even on the basis of these new appearances Kardashians!

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