Kim Kardashian shared that she styled the first outfit of Kanye West’s Savage Critics

Kim Kardashian Has been through the ringer by Connie West Recently about her fashion choice.

We are now learning about one of the hardest parts of this couple’s breakup, and Kim has revealed it all recently Hulu Episode of Kardashians Which debuted on Thursday.

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At one point in the EP, filmed in late 2021, Kim is seen talking to her older sister Courtney Kardashian She feels the pressure of fashion. It focuses on the outfit she chose for the night late last year WSJ. Magazine 2021 Innovator Award – You’re a costume No. Help him pick.

The rapper’s incredible fashion sense after the public breakup explains his concern about not being in the corner, SKIMS The founder told his sister:

“I have reached a stage where I will ask him for advice on everything I can wear. Even now I’m having panic attacks, like, ‘What should I wear?’ I was like, ‘How can I wear something that hasn’t been verified before? [by Kanye] First? ‘ It was psychological [hard]”

Of course, we know very well how much Kanye had influenced Kim’s sense of style before! Heck, she even wanted to give up her career and focus on her full time outfit! So when the split happened, it was a wrap to keep Yay’s advice and wisdom by his side.

As Perezius readers will think, Kim matching gloves (below):

Kim Kardashian shares Kanye West's rude criticism of her first outfit as she styles herself after their breakup!
Kim set foot here without Kanye’s advice! / (c) MEGA / WENN

Looks beautiful to us!

Maybe or not ?!

Kim shared with Court what happened after photos of the event were posted online:

“Then he called me. He told me that my career was over and then he showed me pictures of Marge Simpson wearing something similar.


That Harsh! She can’t simply say she doesn’t like the look, or anything ?! Why take Marge ?? Also on the episode, Kim admits that she often relied on Yee to be a dreamer for her style sense during their relationship:

“I wasn’t really a dreamer. Kanye would come in and say, ‘Oh, you should do your hair this way. Oh, you should do your makeup this way.’ It’s the language of her love, the dress. And so I always trusted her, but it’s not just about the dress. “

He added:

“It simply came to our notice then. I’m trying to find out: Who am I in the fashion world? Who am I? I was always Kardashian with my sisters, and then I was Kimi, like, who is Kim? That jump. How do I get there without Kanye? It’s been 10 months since I applied for a divorce, and I finally came out like, ‘I can do this.’

This is obviously a big change for him Hurricane Rapper out of the picture!

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In the next episode, d KUWTK The 44-year-old opened the alarm to find out when it was time to file for divorce Jesus is walking rapper

Explain it Push The founder, Kim, has stated that she is “now very sure” that her marriage to Yeh has been over for some time:

“I knew I had to do it when I filed. Because I just knew it wasn’t the right situation for me. And now, I feel very good. “

It’s understandable! Although it took Kanye a while to sign the divorce papers step by step. Asked about the court’s legal aspects, Kim admitted that he was disappointed with the delay in the divorce:

“I do not know. I asked him [to sign the papers] All the time. He said he would and then he said, ‘Well, I don’t want a divorce, so I won’t sign them.’

In a confession, Kim later revealed that she decided to be “super defensive” despite everything and “against sharing a lot of negative things that happened.” Nevertheless, the KKW Beauty biz whiz extends his frustration further:

“He’s not doing the show here. Also if I do something on a reality show it’s like, ‘How dare you talk about that.’ And then he can make a song that is so creative and expressive. It is always, for example, two different aspects being expressed in two different ways. One is honorable and the other is not. “

There must be some tension.

Of course, the divorce happened by itself, and now Kim has moved on. But it was still a tough time – and now we’re getting really good insights into it through Hulu.

Feedback, fan reader ??

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