Kim Kardashian would eat ‘Eat Pup’ every day if it made her look young !!

Kim Kardashian Good hope it’s not true that “what you eat”!

At least, that would be best for him if the old proverb remained metaphorical if he had to put into practice what he just joked about. New York Times!!

A-Lister, 41, spoke to the national news outlet in an interview published Wednesday alongside the release of his new (and expensive) skincare line. SKKN by Kim. In the chat, the reality TV star explained his complex beautification process and the way to mass-produce it with this new brand. But he also said a lot Funny Disgusting about a beauty-related assumption !!

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Its star Kardashians Joke with Now That he would “try to do anything” to make himself look younger, fresher and healthier with age (fluently, we can add!) And he really meant the “nothing” part of that promise!

Kim elaborates with this ridiculously shocking comment:

“If you tell me that I literally have to defecate every day and look younger, I can be. I can only. “

Oh no!

We’re trying to imagine a world where you have to eat your own (or হ uh… someone else’s food ?!) just to stay young. Is this the world we want to live in ?! Apparently, Kim will calm down with it! LOLz!

Immediately, Twitter And Instagram As it spread on social media, users jumped on the bandwagon. Some have cited other recent Karzner Fame health-related statements, such as Kim’s older sister’s time. Courtney He told the world that he had been told to eat Travis BarkerIts semen helps to increase fertility four times a week.

Here are some of Kim’s pope perspectives:

“Someone else is talking about drinking her man’s cum and eating it. Can’t they stop? Please.”

“I hold my youth by working off my ass.”

“The question is how many popes”

“Why I think that means he’s already there.”

“What a tragic existence”

“Literally what I learn about him is against my will.”

“Tell him it only works if you broadcast it live to millions.”

“Do these celebrities know that sometimes it’s okay to like … not talk.”

“It’s beyond me why you should pass these ideas on to your young audience.”

“She is literally too young.”

“Pup is the active ingredient of SKKN ???”

Okay, for one, we Beautiful Make sure that defecation is not the “active ingredient” in Kim’s SKKN. Yes !!

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At least one person highlighted the aging aspect of Kim’s light-hearted remarks, dismissing the fact in a tweet:

“It simply came to our notice then. Let’s get normal without being afraid of getting old and aging. The only reason you want to stay young forever is if you are not satisfied with life, and it is coming from a rich SMH. Money ≠ Happiness “

Well said!

We’re not saying Mama of the Four Points here, of course – he’s probably trolling for fun because he knows this kind of talk attracts viral attention – but it’s important to consider some of the broader concerns surrounding aging!

However, what do you think about it all SKIMS Mogul’s stool feeling, avid reader ?? Would you be so desperate to look young? In the comments (below) this (literally) sketchy ** sound off with your acceptance !!!

[Image via Hulu/YouTube]

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