Kyle Richards was stunned when Sutton Strack stopped a home attack on Dorit Kemsley.

Last year, Dorit Camsley survived a traumatic home invasion while her children slept away from home.

We all knew that tragic consequences would be covered in season 12 The real housewife of Beverly Hills.

What the world didn’t know was that Sutton Strack was stunned.

In this sneak peek clip before the premiere, Sutton compared Dorit’s waking nightmare … an attempt to import a French designer for his business.

Kyle Richards cries out in sympathy

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Wednesday 11 May premiere season 12.

In a new sneak peek clip, viewers see Kyle Richards emotional and crying as his friend undergoes an ordeal.

Dorit Kemsley may have been beaten or killed. Her children may be hurt or injured. It was a very close call.

Dorit Kemsley recalls the home attack

Sutton Strack pops up, apparently to lift Kyle’s spirits, as Dorit is snatched at gunpoint by assailants at home.

Standing at Kyle’s door, Sutton yells: “Oh, it’s going to make me cry!”

Sutton added: “My allergies are very bad, so I feel like crying.”

Sutton Strack seems to be self-absorbed

Leaving his cheerful voice, Sutton announces that he has received cookies in his car.

At first glance, she seems to be trying to project a positive, optimistic, even bubble mood to give Kyle some pleasure.

As soon as the two of them start talking, however, it becomes clear that Sutton’s abrupt dismissal about Doritt’s trauma.

Dorit Kemsley at the reunion

As interesting as Sutton’s cookies and so-called allergies are, Kyle wants to focus on his soul weight.

He described Dorit’s terrible night, noting that his friend was “begging for his life.”

Kyle shared that he had just spoken to Dorit’s husband: “I was on the phone with PK, who was talking.”

Sutton Strike at Season 10 Reunion

Listening to Sutton, he also “puts out the fire all day” … confused Kyle.

Unless there is a literal fire in his house, or something worse, it seems like a strange thing to bring.

A sickly curious Kyle cautiously asks Sutton what he means.

Kyle Richards gets serious in Season 10 reunion

Sutton explained that he was trying to complete some kind of immigration paperwork so that he could bring in a designer from France.

It’s an important thing for his business but it’s becoming a bit of a headache when it happens.

While we’re sure it’s a problem … it’s a wonderful thing when such a serious issue is already under discussion.

Sutton Strack has something to say

A seemingly stunned Kyle manages to say that “it doesn’t look like fire.”

“Okay, that’s for me and my business,” Sutton counters, “and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Kyle Richards tearful, accused

Kyle admits he was “expecting” to hear something a little more pressed from Sutton than the red tape.

Helping a refugee family survive the war and find emergency housing? Sure. Trying to bring in a designer? Not life-death.

But Sutton doubled down, saying, “It’s all relative.”

Lisa listens with Rina Sutton Strack and Dennis Richards

Sutton then says, “I mean, I wasn’t shot. I’m sorry.”

Realizing that he had gone too far, Sutton noted that it was a “strange day”, similar to anything outside of a movie.

Yes, Sutton. Now imagine if James Bond paused in the middle of an action movie to hear his friend complain about a customs inspection of his furniture store.

Kyle Richards stunned with bad hair

“What’s your problem?” Kyle confesses to the camera.

“Are you engaging yourself in such a way that you don’t understand what happened to our friend?” He claims

Kyle then mocks Sutton’s strangely self-centered expectation: “Oh yeah, ‘Let me hear your problem.'”

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