Kylen Lori accuses Chris Lopez of trying to kill her, leaving Teen Ma2

In October 2020, Kylie Lowry was arrested for assaulting Chris Lopez.

A lawsuit filed against Lori Brianna Djessas has been headlining again in recent months, alleging that her coaster defamed her by talking about her arrest on social media.

The judge disagreed, and Lori’s case was dropped.

Digesas celebrated his victory with an “anti-Kyle party” and numerous proud social media posts, but Lori reminded viewers last night Teenage mother 2 The reunion show, her affair with Chris was no laughing matter.

Kylen Lori on the MTV episode

At one point during her segment, Kyle was asked by Dr. Drew Pinsky if there was a special reason why he decided to start therapy.

Kyle revealed that he felt deep trauma after being the victim of a violent attack.

“Was it like a domestic violence situation, was it just a random act of violence, was it someone you know?” Pinsky asked.

Kyle's last time on MTV?

“Chris killed me around October 2019 with domestic violence,” Kyle responded.

There was a moment of shocking silence as Dr. Drew and co-host Nessa Diab processed the news.

“It simply came to my notice then. We have been with you a long time. I’m very sorry. If I only knew, “Pinsky said before praising Kyle’s courage in telling his story.

Kyle Tales Her Side

“No one would have known if you hadn’t shared. I’m so sorry for you, I’m really sorry. “

“I couldn’t find the right time or way to tell my whole story,” Lori explained.

“I don’t think it’s something that people talk about in public.”

Kylie Lori on the podcast set

Lori said the decision was particularly difficult for her because she felt she was a “hypocrite” because of an incident in 2012 in which she pushed her ex-Xavi Marroquin.

“No – they’re two separate events,” Dr. Drew immediately corrected.

Before Chris joined the show via video link, Kyle commented on one of the final allegations, saying:

Kylen Lori in 2022

“She knows what she’s doing. That’s it.”

Lopez argued in his own defense, “There are flaws on both sides. What he said about me can be said literally.”

“There has been abuse on both sides.”

“Have you ever threatened her with violence or injured Kyle?” Dr. Drew asked.

Chris Lopez left

“Injured? No. She looks like I’m literally hitting her … I never hit her,” Chris replied.

However, Lopez admitted to threatening his ex and said he was not “innocent” in their relationship.

Kyle ends his segment by saying that the show could be his final farewell that made him famous.

Kylen Lori is working

Rumors about Lori’s resignation Teenage mother 2 The promotion has been going on for months now, and last night, Kyle confirmed that he will not be returning for another season.

“I have to move on, I think I need to do my own thing,” he said.

“I think I need to say goodbye. I think I’m ready. I think we should just break up. I think that’s the end of it.”

Kyle’s decision seemed final, but Dr. Drew kept the door open for a possible return.

Kylie Lori, ready for close-up

“I won’t say goodbye to him today,” he said.

Obviously, only time will tell, but it seems to us that Kail has done well and really well with the Complete Teen Mom franchise.

And the rebuke he has received from the public and his coaster over the years – all while trying to recover from a traumatic event – was probably the main reason for that decision.

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