Kylen Lori: Did she release Teen Mom 2 to sell sex toys online ?!

As we reported last week, there is reason to believe that Kylen Lori may be resigning Teenage mother 2.

There are about a dozen unsupported reports of cast members quitting it, but in this case the news comes directly from the source.

For weeks now, Kyle has been openly imagining a breakup with the show that made her famous.

In a recent episode Barely famous The podcast (one of the three podcasts she currently hosts), even the mother of four seemed pleased with the fact that the show was much less popular than before.

Kylen Lori turns the bird upside down

“Teenage motherYou know the ratings are really dropping for us, “Lori explained

“I think there’s a time when it runs its course and I think it goes on every reality show.”

There has been a talk Teenage mother A spin-off show that will feature several popular cast members across the franchise, but Kyle has made it clear that he would not be interested in such a project.

Kylen Lori in Season 11

“I don’t think so,” Kylen said, referring to the spin-off.

“Right now, the way I see it, I don’t want to.”

Shortly after Kyle made this comment, MTV released a teen mom2 preview clip of Lori overturning her boss and hinting that she wouldn’t mind if the network fired her.

Needless to say, we don’t think Kyle will be a part of it Teenage mother Family for many days.

So what does he plan to do with himself after his time on reality TV is over?

Well, Kyle recently boasted that he made more money from podcasting than from appearing on MTV … more later.

On top of that, Lori seems to have recently signed up for a new sponsored content partnership – which seems to have left a mixed impression on fans.

Kylen Lori supports a vibrator

On Instagram this week, Kyle sealed her favorite vibrator as part of an approval deal with the online adult store Lavhani.

“I’m seriously obsessed with it … especially when I’m on a work trip and I’m leaving for a week,” he told his followers.

Many fans have appreciated the advice, but some have been highly critical of Kyle’s latest business venture.

Kylen Lori on the MTV episode

“You can literally do something,” one person wrote.

“You need help. Desperate,” added another.

“Kylin is a reaction,” shouted a third.

Kylie Lori in 2022

A fourth commenter, referring to Kyle’s eldest son, went on to say:

“I hope he gets paid a lot for it, because it can be terrible for Isaac,” the man wrote.

As with Kail’s other revenue streams, she clearly believes that side-hostels will allow her to maintain her current luxurious lifestyle even after leaving. Teenage mother 2.

Kyle is angry

“I make more money on podcasting than Teen Mom,” Lori told producer Larry Musnik during her recent crash.

“I’m proud of all your success, but don’t forget, this show made it possible,” Musnik replied.

Yes, Kyle may want to consider the fact that the Kardashians have remained a reality television for more than a decade, even though they did not need money for a very long time.

Kylie Lori on the podcast set

Kim and company know that when reality stars disappear from TV, they soon fade from public consciousness.

And no fame means no millions of followers, no approval deals and no popular podcasts …

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