Kylen Lori: I didn’t cheat with owner Montgomery! (Here’s who I cheated on

Kylen Lori is going through so much in her life these days that she can probably survive two or three reality shows on her own.

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

If you follow her on social media, you probably know that Lori has left Adolescent mother 2.

The announcement did not go unnoticed, as it followed months of rumors, as well as a scene from the show where Kylin turned her back on her boss and boasted that she was making more money from podcasting. Ever since appearing on MTV.

Kylie on the roof

So yes, Kyle is still serving the drama, but going forward, it seems fans will have to listen to a lot of his podcasts.

And there’s a reason you might want to take notes A lot This is happening in Kyle’s world nowadays.

We recently learned that Lori Malik broke up with Montgomery and soon after began dating 23-year-old neighbor Eliza Scott.

Kylie Lori, boyfriend

The owner has accused Kyle of cheating, but in his latest episode Coffee Convos In the podcast, he insisted that this is not the case.

“I just want to clean it up,” Kyle said Ashley’s reality roundup.

“I saw some posts on the internet or whatever I said, I cheated [on Malik] With taking hot [Elijah], And he cheated on me. But no one cheated, “he continued.

Kailyn Lowry Podcast Image

“We both ended our previous relationship, and he ended his relationship with his former way before I ended it. No one cheated on anyone.”

Kyle went on to reveal that he could see why fans got the wrong idea, but he insisted that there was no betrayal on either side.

“I understand there was a time and the way we met, no matter what, but no one cheated,” he said.

Kyle's last time on MTV?

“It’s a rumor and it’s a complete lie.”

When asked which of the partners he “actually cheated” Kyle gave the following explanation:

“I cheated on Jordan [Wenner] With Joe [Rivera]”

Joe Rivera with disgust

He further explained that he had had some more morally vague romantic situations in the past:

“And, depending on how you view the situation, I’ve briefly dated a girl and stopped,” Laurie said.

“She’ll probably say I cheated on her. I didn’t feel like it was a real relationship but I’ll take ‘L’ and say I cheated on her.”

Kyle Tales Her Side

Now, it seems that Lori is referring to her relationship with Dominic Potter, which overlaps with her 2017 Flying with Xavi Marroquin.

But interestingly, despite the rumors, Kyle says he was not unfaithful to the father of his most recent two children:

“I never cheated on Xavi, I never cheated on Chris [Lopez]“He told his audience.

Chris Lopez online

“I know the timeline with the owner was weird but I’ve never dated two people together.”

He went on to reveal that he had arrived Off To cheat with Chris, but never actually crossed the line.

“There was a time when Chris and I worked but I still wanted to see if I could make it work, and this time I was with the owner,” Kyle said.

Chris Lopez left

“But I wasn’t sure – I never cheated on him with Chris or anything,” he continued.

“I never cheated on Chris with the boss, and I never cheated on my boyfriend now, it never happened. I’ve cheated in my lifetime and I’m totally open to talk about it. I didn’t cheat on Joe. “

For allegations that he cheated on the owner, Kyle said they had no basis.

Kyle makes his case

“So the owner thinks I cheated on him [Elijah] But I, in fact, didn’t, “said Kyle.

“But looking back, I can understand 1000 percent why the owner thought so,” he added.

“I understand 1000 percent why [Elijah’s] Girlfriend thought that… but I feel like I own everything I didn’t want to own or talk to before but I didn’t cheat with the owner. [Elijah]. That never happened. ”

Kylie Lori on the podcast set

Why the owner claimed otherwise, Laurie guessed that Montgomery was upset right after he left.

“I broke up with him,” Kyle said.

“It simply came to our notice then. I did not love her the way she loved me. And that’s why my relationship with him broke down. There is no other reason; It didn’t happen because of someone else. It’s not because of lies, deception or dishonesty, how he put it on his Instagram. This is a complete lie.

Kylen Lori in 2022

“We didn’t have the same goal and in some cases, when the trolls say ‘this is Kyle’s way or the highway’, they are right.”

Kyle mentions that he has no reason to lie, because he has been honest about his disbelief in the past.

We think it’s true, but whatever it is – the story is not over.

The owner says he’s writing a book, and we’re sure it’s about Kyle!

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