Kylen Lowry’s BFF Threatens Brianna DeJesus, Janelle Evans: I’ll Kick

It’s been a roller coaster year for Kylie Lowry.

He finished building his palace in February, and we recently learned that Lori had entered into a new relationship that he was quite optimistic about.

But Kyle has also made several L’s to go with his impressive winning list.

And most of them have worked on her long-running rivalry with Brianna Djessas.

Brie / Kyle

In 2021, Lori filed a defamation suit against Djesas over claims on social media that Kyle had been arrested for assault.

The problem is, Lori really Was Chris Lopez was arrested for assault, which means there was nothing false or defamatory about Brie’s comments.

And so, Kyle’s case was dismissed, and Brie has been celebrating his victory ever since

Kylen Lori turns the bird upside down

Digesas even went so far as to throw an anti-Kyle party and invite his teen mom co-stars.

It was a fantastic mid-range but a few of the other cast members were present, including an MTV camera crew who filmed the festival.

Adolescent mother 2 Ratings have been declining for years, so it’s no surprise that producers were interested in documenting this latest drama.

Janelle and Brie

Equally surprising is that General Evans dropped everything to go to Orlando for Brie’s party.

Janelle was fired TM2 years ago, and since then she has been doing everything in her power to get back on the show.

Evans cried when she was not invited to join the Teen Mom Family Reunion cast, but Brie was able to invite anyone she liked to her party, and there was no way to miss this opportunity to try to get on the general camera.

General at Brie's party

Needless to say, the show’s stars really survived up to the “teenage” part of the title here, which is a bit sad considering Janel is in her thirties and currently raising a real teenager.

While Brie and company certainly had a hard time with the party, it wasn’t easy for Kyle to find out that a bunch of semi-celebrities had gathered to celebrate their hatred of him.

Fortunately, she always has the support of her friend and sister, who took to Instagram to defend Lori.

Kyle and Bones

Sister Smartly shuts off things by focusing on Janelle, who could have easily avoided this drama and acted her age.

“At first you knew what you were doing was talking about Kyle … you were all literally obsessed,” the sister wrote.

Along with a photo of Evans at the airport, he added, “Imagine flying out to celebrate someone you ‘hate’.”

Bones d

“Invite me to the next party so I can beat you all so badly,” the sister wrote

Bones also responded to posts where Kyle’s enemies declared the case “closed.”

“Dismiss the case. You don’t stop weird ass b-tches,” he wrote.

Geneles create content

Brianna was a tattoo artist who provided free ink at her party, which also struck Djesus as bizarre.

“You all got tattoos. Prepare a Kell Restraining Order,” he wrote.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for Janel to fire back.

Bone 3

“What kind of nickname is bone first?” Evans asked on Instagram.

“Second .. darling you have no idea how the law works. You can’t get regulatory orders because b-tches are salty,” Evans continued.

“Third … you’re the one threatening to hit the ass. We can all get someone out of you to make you look dumb. Freedom of speech is a wise thing, isn’t it?” He asked.

Kylen Lori on the MTV episode

It’s true that Kyle probably won’t file an injunction against Brie and his co-workers.

But at the same time, it looks like Janelle, who has broken down, will bother to introduce herself to a legal drama that is likely to be very costly.

If nothing else, you would think that while he was in the spotlight, shw would know how to move away from situations that could embarrass him.

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