Kylie Jenner Eye Popping “Free The Nipple” Stance With Thirst Trap

The world is very familiar with Kylie Jenner flaunting her body. It is a central part of his personal brand.

Becoming a mother of two at an early age has not changed.

Kylie’s latest thirst trap is so disgusting that our first thought was “How long will it take for Instagram to delete it?”

You can see her “nipple free” post below. Bind yourself.

Kylie Jenner is feeling free


Many of us are accustomed to getting thirsty on Instagram, but you don’t see such nip every day.

Is it an optical illusion created by a creative print on a bikini top that fools you out of the corner of your eye for just a fraction of a second? Yes.

Kylie Jenner wears an eye-popping top

But is it absolutely heartbreaking? Also yes.

(Unless you’re strictly predatory, we’ll admit it’s a real possibility for Kylie’s Hernia followers.)

Kylie’s caption was as eye-catching as the photos.

Kylie Jenner IG - Release the breast caption

“Free the nipple,” is not an accurate description of what she is doing.

Her real human nipple is hidden behind the printed breasts of her Trump Jean Lowell Jean Paul Goltier bikini top.

Called “The Naked Bikini” for obvious reasons, it retails for $ 325 and is part of a partnership with Lotta Volkava.

Kylie Jenner surfed baby # 2 three months after birth

“Nipple free” is a motto used in protest of social and social media restrictions on nipple display.

The human body is heavily polished in our culture (and many more) in various toxic ways.

Women’s bodies are often the focus, although they are certainly not the only ones affected.

Kylie Jenner reclins, flaunting the post-child body

From Tumblr’s 2018 ban on “female-presenting nipples” to Instagram’s infamous nipple policy, Kylie needs to be covered in a way that most men don’t.

Some sexist bans on nipples but others are not discriminatory, and while this is not the biggest problem in the world, it is important.

One particular group that has been targeted is breastfeeding mothers, who are sometimes embarrassed by misogynistic strangers just for feeding their babies.

24-carat Kylie

But it doesn’t sound like Kylie is actually weighing in on issues of censorship and sexuality. Not in a serious way.

Instead, she used generic hashtags as a reference to her eye-catching bikini top, which she was obviously keen to show to fans and followers.

It’s like thirsty commentators writing “Normalize breastfeeding” below a picture of Henry Cavill. Serious motto, non-serious application.

Kylie Jenner: Secretly pregnant?

Is Kylie focusing on something serious, or is she joking around with the word? Both?

We do not claim to be mediators of everything, at least this is a subtle issue.

However, we can conclude that Kylie is going to be a complete knockout, no matter what type of bikini top she is wearing – or not -.

Kylie in Gold

Kylie is so outspoken about her own body problems, it’s impossible they could hear.

Remember, she is a mother of two. Pregnancy and childbirth can change the human body in large and sometimes unexpected ways.

He talks about the “bounce back” and the postnatal struggle to be “perfect”, reminding people that it’s okay not to be right.

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