Kylie Posey, Late Toddler and Tearus Star, leaves mom with a suicide note

We have another update on the tragic death of Kylie Posey.

A former beauty pageant contestant who rose to television fame on the reality show Toddlers and Tiaras, Posey took her own life just a month ago.

The cause of death was confirmed by Posy’s family members at the time, who said in a statement about the 16-year-old:

“Although she was a skilled teenager with a bright future ahead of her, unfortunately in an incredible moment, she quickly decided to end her earthly life.”

Kylie poses on Instagram

Now in an interview e! According to the news, Posey’s mother – Mercy Posey Gatorman – gave some details about how her daughter was doing before committing suicide.

“The days and weeks leading up to it felt good to me,” Gatorman told the outlet, reflecting on his last moments with his daughter and adding:

“I did not go by his phone.

“For the prom, she went with a bunch of friends. And the next day, everything was fine.”

Kylie Posey snapshot

Then on May 1 everything changed.

Posey – who recently formed the Cheerleading Squad and was runner-up in the Miss Washington Teen USA pageant – asked her mother to pick up deodorant from the store she needed for school the next day.

Minutes after Mercy left to run the business, she said Kylie left the house in a family car.

He will never see his daughter again.

Kylie Pose image

“He left a note for me and then one for his best friend,” Mercy shared for the first time on Tuesday.

“The note says she loves me and she’s sorry and her older brother is her best friend forever.”

Just awful.

Posey did not provide further details, but added that the teenager had been seeing a therapist for an undisclosed period of time.

Kylie Posey picture

“Check the phones of parents who have teens,” Mercy continued, trying to use her daughter’s death to help others.

“And if you’re struggling, talk to your parents. They’re not judging you.

“They’re going to get you the help you need, but we need to know what you need to get the help you need.”

Picture of Kylie Pose

Earlier this month, Gatorman went on Facebook to announce his daughter’s death. “

I have no words or thoughts, “he wrote on May 2.

“A beautiful baby girl is gone.

“Please give us privacy as we mourn the loss of Kylie. My baby is forever.”

Kylie Posey

Posy’s friends have started a teenage mental health fund called Kylias World.

Their support and their work in the face of this tragedy has inspired Gatorman.

“Every sweatshirt that anyone buys goes to the fund so we can get counselors out and help students in need,” says Mercy E.!

“Everything is going for him.”

Kylie poses on babies and tiaras

In 2012, Posey went viral as a meme for a funny face (above) that she created in an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras.

On May 3, her mother wrote that those hoping to make a difference in Posey’s memory could send donations to a fund set up by the Whatcom Community Foundation.

“It is our wish that his departure from this world will not go in vain and that other lives can be saved,” he said back then.

“All contributions will go to providing resources to help students in crisis.”

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