Lala Kent shared a ridiculous drug in a post-op video after getting her ‘boobs’

This is just so funny!

You might think, Lala Kent Previously published Behind the velvet rope April 18 Podcast in honor of the paperback publication of his book Give them saliva, She was planning to finish her boobs the same week. Now, the 31-year-old reality star is peeking at some behind-the-scenes moments after her operation – and trust us when we say it’s ridiculous!

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Lala posted a video Instagram She completely wiped herself out of her medication while lying in a hospital bed with her head wrapped after her breast augmentation surgery on Friday. As his doctors and friends examined how he was doing, the first thing he needed to know was:

“Am I stoned?”

LOLz !!! There is an important post-up question!

After reassurance Vanderpump rules Personality that he didn’t pass gas at all (fuff ?!), Lala admits that he felt “sick” at the time and really wanted his two favorite comforts. What does he need after surgery? Her bed and some episodes The real housewifeOf course! There is no better time to catch the latest episodes than recovery time, right ?!

And when Lala looked after the knife, her friend quickly commented that she was “already beautiful.”

However, The oceanHer mother was not buying it, she was firing back:

“Don’t lie, Jess!”

However, his partner could not stop telling him how great he had done during the process, to which Lala responded:

“Well, I was asleep. Of course I did. “

Yes! That sauce still comes out in the loop!

Bravolebrity ended the video with one last post-op request: a hair dryer!

He said:

“I want a blow dryer on the bed, to warm it up and then get on it.”

There is nothing like a warm and comfortable bed to slide after surgery!

Lala shared in the caption of the post that she was so excited about her new breasts that she had to tell everyone in the elevator about it:

“I continued walking in the elevator, announcing to everyone who had entered, ‘I have finished my breasts.’ Some may wonder why my head is curled up. We were all so caught up in the booby talk, we neglected to mention pinning my sweet left ear I’m really happy. Thanks @plastixdocs “

LOLz! We love that Lala is feeling so much better now, especially after dealing with her ex-boyfriend so dramatically over the last few months. Randall EmmetWays to cheat!

In the video (below):

Very good!

We wish smooth saliva cure!

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[Image via Lala Kent/Instagram, MEGA/WENN]

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