Lance Buss complained that Britney Spears still followed ‘a wall around her’

Lance bus Skeptical about Britney Spears‘New freedom.

Despite being once a close friend of the pop princess, it activates Lance Still Unable to communicate with Brittany even though her conservatism (which she once blamed for their separation) has stopped!

Chatting with Page six On saturday Vanderpump Dog FoundationIts sixth annual World Dog Day, the former * NSYNC The member was asked if he had reconnected with the 40-year-old singer since his new independence in November 2021. Sadly, he revealed:

“Absolutely not.”

And it wasn’t for lack of effort!

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Lance claims that the pop star still has “a wall around her” that prevents her from communicating. He explained:

“It’s just that, you know, there’s a wall around him. And for some reason, those guys don’t want his old friends to be involved in his life.

Oops … it’s definitely frustrating to hear!

Bass and Spears have known each other since the 90’s when they dominated the music scene. The Lucky The singer also formed a relationship with the performer’s one-time bandmate Justin Timberlake. They had been intimate for years, even giving Brit Lance a safe place to open up about her sexuality before her years of telling the public. But suddenly their communication was cut off. As of last July Crossroads Alum was fighting to end his conservatism (which he described as an abusive legal measure controlled by his father, Jamie The spear), Lance said in an episode Heather DubroIts world Podcast:

“We’ve been separated from each other for quite some time.”

The pair have not met or spoken to each other in “years”, the last of which he recalled in 2016. So now, since he has failed to communicate with her even though he is about to regain control of his life, no wonder he is confused he has never heard back!

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Can anyone intentionally keep him away? Or does Brittany not want to reconnect? For now, it remains unanswered, however, as the father of two has revealed:

“I just wish her luck. She’s happy, so I’m glad she’s happy. “

Ah, how sweet! We hope that if Brittany wants to reconnect with her, she can! We hate to think that even after his legal battle he can control what he can and cannot do. Thinking on this theory, Perezcious reader?

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