Lauren Browernick explains why she got pregnant so quickly with # 3 baby

Timeliness is everything!

On Mother’s Day, Lauren Browernick revealed that she was pregnant with the # 3 baby.

While people are happy for her and Alexi, some are shocked that she is already expecting another child.

The announcement came less than nine months after Baby Asher’s birth. How did that happen?

Lauren Browarnick Tells IG Story (May 2022)

She is two years old. Ashar is 6 months old.

Soon, they’ll both be big brothers, as Lorraine will be in early this fall.

But baby Asher will be born exactly one year later and fans have questions considering how soon the Shy couple will be born Asher.

Lauren Browernick, Alexei Browernick and Shy Present Baby Asher

Apparently, most people are too polite to ask Lauren directly why she continues to make brovernics.

But … obviously, some have asked him directly, including on social media Q&A.

This week, Lauren took to her Instagram store to answer that offensive (but understandable) question.

Lauren and Alexei Brovarnik get some sun

So, how exactly did Lauren get pregnant with Baby # 3 in such a short time after welcoming Baby Asher?

“When a man loves a woman, and a woman loves a man, and tequila is involved, things happen,” she replied.

She’s kidding. Honestly, his answer is quite polite. This is an exaggerated question to ask directly.

Lauren Browernick and Alexei Browernick and Baby # 2

Although we somehow suspect that Tequila played a role, Lauren means that she and Alexi became pregnant.

It echoes her earlier statements about the pregnancy, when she made her announcement.

At the time, she told multiple outlets that it was a “surprise” that she was already pregnant again.

Alexei Browarnik is a US citizen

The main point of Loren’s stupid, patronizing answer is that she and Alexei probably didn’t use contraception, but didn’t expect to get pregnant again so soon.

Although financial stability is rare nowadays, some couples conceive whenever they are pregnant unless they have plans to have as many children as possible.

For those plans, Lorraine has touched on that in the past.

Alexei Browernick, Lauren Browernick and Shy Joseph Browernick

Alexi apparently wanted to have “four” children.

Lauren’s answer was that they would have twins only if they had a third pregnancy.

Although they still do not know the expected sex of their child (and are preserving that knowledge for the birth of BabyB), they are probably expecting only one child at this time.

Lauren Browernick and a sleeping Alexei Browernick

For some parents – for many, the experience is simple.

Having two small children is more than double the work of a child, because suddenly new worries and problems and problems have to be managed.

Having three means more – and the reality of being “innumerable” by their child.

Lauren Browernick, Alexei Browernick and newborn Shy Joseph

Some families have four or more children.

Although some parents joke that it’s just because “sleep deprivation” has taken away their senses, it can also be intentional.

In some families, there is an ideology such as white supremacy or Christian hegemony or less directly, disbelief in contraception, which is behind giving birth to children.

Alexei Browernick and Lauren Browernick, gender expression

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

It is also possible that some fans thought that Lauren and Alexei thought they had a deadline.

Some families choose to have children as soon as possible for a specific purpose, including ending childbearing so that one party can go through the medically necessary surgery that also makes them infertile.

Lauren Browernick and Alexei Browernick, very pregnant

Lauren and Alexei make it clear that, to be honest, it’s not that deep.

They’re upset, Lauren is pregnant, and they’re welcoming Baby # 3 this fall.

Sometimes, the simplest explanation is correct.

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