Leah Messa has finally responded to Jaylan Mobli breakup rumors!

Earlier this week, we reported on speculation that Leah Messer and Zelan Mobli had broken up.

Rumors were based on more than just this observation that Leah had not posted a picture of Zelan on her Instagram page for more than a month.

Now, that may not sound like much, but you have to remember how much the two of them enjoyed packing on the PDA in the early days of their relationship.

Zelan bought a home for Leah in April, and one would think that the couple would share uninterrupted updates as they moved into their first home together.

Leah, Jaylan picture

Instead, you’ll need to go back to early May to find any traces of Zelan on the Layers page.

So we assume that it is not surprising that some of his followers have jumped to the conclusion that there is a problem in Paradise.

“They haven’t posted a single photo together on Instagram since May 3rd, starting with posting professional photoshoots every day. Theory of what’s going on?” A Reddit user wrote about the situation.

Leah and Zelan bought a house

“It’s weird that they wouldn’t suddenly post for a month when they’ve just moved into a new home together … I must think something is happening,” another person observed.

Other commentators theorized that Leah was pregnant with Jelan’s baby and had a low profile because she was not yet ready to go public.

“I think she’s pregnant. They’re curating the announcement and the photo shoot,” one person recently commented on Layer’s page.

Leah and Jaylan's New House

“She’s pregnant!” That comment reads an enthusiastic answer.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – it’s a fact that Leah and Zelan have been dating for only six months now.

Or perhaps the problem is that fans looking for updates on the couple’s relationship haven’t seen Jelan’s Instagram story.

Leah on Jaylan's IG

If they had, they would have seen him post a video showing him and Leah hanging out at a bar and enjoying a drink together.

We assume that a short clip will be enough to give both pregnancy and breakup rumors a break.

And that’s not enough, fans can see the latest post on the Layers page.

Leah Messer wears a bikini

For starters, she’s wearing a bikini, which means she’s probably not a few months pregnant, as many fans have speculated.

On top of that, Gelan left a fitting thirsty comment on the Layer page.

“Danam I’m going to DM you right now haha!” Audio-eye and drilling emojis have been added for better measurement, writes Mobley.

Leah, Zelan

These do not sound like the words of a man who was recently kicked out.

No, in all likelihood, Leah and Zelan are still together, and they’ve just decided to take a short break from posting PDAs on social media.

Whenever Leah posts something, fans dissect in search of pregnancy or engagement, it’s not hard to see why these two decided to take their break.

Now let everyone enjoy their new home in peace!

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