Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobli shoot down breakup rumors with trivial beach photos

When the first word was found that Leah Messer was dating Zelan Mobli, her fans were just as excited.

Leah has gone through a horrible situation year after year, and many teen Mom 2 viewers have been inspired by the story of her return.

So Lear’s supporters were very optimistic when he and Zelan first got together.

But a few weeks ago, they began to express doubts about the situation.

Leah, Zelan

It all started when Zelan bought Leah a house.

Now, obviously, this is a huge step for a couple who have been dating for only a few months.

And it’s a big jump, especially for Layer, who has three young daughters.

Leah and Zelan bought a house

So fans were already a bit worried, and they became even more anxious when Leia stopped posting about Zelan.

She hasn’t been posting about her new boyfriend for more than a month since she started sharing her Instagram photos almost every day.

And all of this happened when Messrs. And Mobley moved into their new home together.

Leah and Jaylan's new house

We probably don’t need to tell you that couples who have just bought their first home together usually share updates often on social media.

In fact, they’re usually the kind of people who dominate your feed through nonstop updates about their exciting new ventures.

So fans were understandably surprised when Zelan suddenly disappeared from Leah’s Instagram page.

Leah and Jaylan in NYC

“They haven’t posted a single photo together on Instagram since May 3rd, starting with posting professional photoshoots every day. Theory of what’s going on?” One person wrote on Reddit

“It’s weird that they wouldn’t suddenly post for a month when they’ve just moved into a new house together … I must think something is happening.”

Perhaps in response to that concern, Leah recently revealed exactly what is happening – and there seems to be no reason to worry about his relationship.

Leah and Jaylan take a vacation

According to a video posted on her Instagram story this week, Leah and Zelan recently traveled to North Carolina to a mutual friend’s birthday party.

While there, they enjoyed some time on the beach – an experience she recorded on Instagram.

“The best memories are made when you just pick up .. no plans! Just go!” He captioned the photo.

Leah and Jaylan on the beach

“When the kids go to the beach … we go to the beach. Although we should unpack at home. Elijah.”

So there you have it.

He even hit out at Jelan with “Elysium”, which should be enough to dispel suspicions that the two are still a couple.

Leah Celtzer is sipping

Of course, that doesn’t mean fans will stop speculating about Leah and Jelan’s love life.

Many are still convinced that Leah is pregnant with Jelan’s baby, and that’s the real reason she’s been moving away from social media in recent weeks.

Hopefully, the pictures of Lear sipping into a stiff seltergear while Versus Bikini Rocking will make them realize that this is not the case.

Then again, they would probably accuse him of posting old pictures so that they could be thrown out of the way.

The rumor mill never stops churning.

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