Leah Messer: Did he really announce that he was leaving Tin Mom 2 ?!

For weeks now, we have been hearing rumors that Leah Messa is planning to resign Adolescent mother 2.

Some reports are baseless and somewhat unreasonable.

For example, people who were convinced that Leah had been thrown out Dancing with the Stars And planned to leave the show to focus on his new career as a competitive huffer which made him famous.

That narrative seems to be nothing more than a layer presence at a DWTS-themed United Way fundraiser in Charleston, West Virginia.

Leah Messer says goodbye

But while that rumor is obviously ridiculous, LeahTM2 may have some merits of the uncertain recent claims about her future.

This time, the speculation started after Lea made a comment on her Instagram page on Tuesday Adolescent mother 2 At the end of the season.

“I will forever be grateful for the memories, experiences, lessons, opportunities and friends / colleagues who have become family over the years,” he wrote shortly after the episode aired.

Leah's IG story

If in doubt about what she’s talking about, Leah adds the caption “# TeenMom2”.

Not surprisingly, fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that Leah was planning to retire from the world of reality television.

The news comes based on the news that Kylie Lori has decided to leave the show.

Kylen Lori on the MTV episode

The co-stars were close friends, but nowadays Lori and Messa are arguing.

Some commentators speculated that Lear’s comments may have something to do with the hint of retirement.

“So you think that means Liao is moving away from Tin Mom?” According to a UK tabloid, a Reddit user wrote The sun.

Leah Messer on MTV

“The 100 says he’s just casting a shadow on Kyle,” another shouted

Others have speculated that Adolescent mother 2 Has been canceled, and the cast has been instructed not to say anything

“I think they canceled it and told the girls to put it in the DL,” one wrote.

Leah, Chelsea, Kyle

“Do we think they’re really bowing or were they let go? I guess it’s either canceled or these girls didn’t cut for the supposed new joint show,” another speculated.

Yes, there is a report Teenage mother SpinOff which will recruit selected cast members across the franchise.

It will be a rescue effort in response to the franchise’s declining ratings, and the new show will replace all original series – meaning some cast members will have to give up.

Leah Messer screen capture

And as moms grow with each passing season, people like Kyle and Leah, who have been with MTV for more than a decade, can identify themselves as extinct.

Another line of speculation was that Leah was subtly casting some shadow on Kyle.

“Could this be a shock to Kyle? Since Kyle’s preview has just been released, it seems ungrateful and the producers have said that all his success was made possible by the show,” commented one person.

Leah Messer with selfie

“Leah, on the other hand, says she’s grateful. Kyle and Leah don’t seem to be around anymore.”

Chelsea Hauska left the show in 2020 and Kyle claims that he nowadays earns more money from podcasting from MTV.

Lear is not doing well in terms of revenue flow, but boyfriend Zelan Mobli has bought her a house, so some tell us she’ll be fine if her time is up. Teenage mother.

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