Leah Messer: I’m Sick of All the Teen Mom Drama!

If you’ve been following the Teen Mom 2 cast lately, you know that many of them have problems.

And Leah Messer simply can’t take it anymore.

Leah Messer with selfie

In the past, Leah has been a fair part of her problems – on the show, we’ve seen her deal with drug addiction, mental health issues, marital problems, family problems …

The list goes on.

But in the last few years, he has matured a lot, and he has grown a lot bigger than the previous person.

Unfortunately, the other people on the show can’t say the same thing.

Kyle turns the bird upside down

Kylen Lori and Brianna Djessas have hated each other for years now, and their feud has gotten so bad that Kylen has tried (and failed) to sue Bri for defamation.

The lawsuit was dropped last month, and Brianna threw out a party for the weekend – a party attended by former cast member Janel Evans and current cast member Jade Klein because they both hated Kyle.

Leah didn’t show up, probably because she’s always been friendly with Kylin, even though they’re going through a rocky patch – more on that later.

Ashley Jones, the last remaining mother of the current cast, is friends with Kyle, so she didn’t make it either.

General at Brie's party

It’s weird to think of the first days of the show when all the moms were able to spend time together and generally seemed supportive of each other, because that’s certainly not the case now.

And it’s easier than ever to see a clip from this season’s reunion

In the footage, we see in Dr. Drew that Kylin decided to avoid tapping and make a video call when it was time for her segment.

He asked Leah why she thought he had made this decision and Leah said she had no idea.

“You have no idea?” Jade asked with a rude look, and she and Briana started laughing.

Jade suggests that Kyle doesn’t want to show up because he doesn’t meet Brianna, and Brianna agrees with that analysis when Leah insists she doesn’t talk to Kyle like before so she’s really in the dark about her thinking process.

Leah began to explain that she thought her problem with Kylin started because she was friends with Brianna at the Teen Mom Family Reunion and because she liked a post Brianna made on Instagram about growth, but Ashley got up and off stage before she could go any further. Start walking.

Ashley Jones' Teen Mom 2 Debut

“I’m going to let all of you talk about Kyle without me because I don’t want to be in any of those shows,” he told Dr. Drew, and Leah quickly agreed and left the set.

When they left, Brianna said she told Leah that they didn’t need to talk if they thought it would hurt her friendship with Kyle, but then she asked why they were talking about Kyle because “she doesn’t even chat here.” . “

He added that as Ashley and Leah left, the conversation turned to Kylein, who seemed to be in control.

Not a great start to a reunion, is it?

Brianna Dieses with a kiss

And in a lengthy statement shared on Instagram by Leah after the clip started circulating, she agreed.

He started with a waiver, explaining that he was not going to talk about the issue anymore and if anyone has his phone number and wants to discuss this, they should contact him directly – we assume that this part For the sake of Kylin.

“I was very upset by the reunion clip I saw,” he wrote. “I never imagined an event aimed at inspiring young women that would disrespect, intimidate / shame other women and demean each other.”

“My job at the TM2 Reunion or show while I’m shooting MTV / Teen Mom 2 / TMFR, completing my segments / scenes for my collection [money] And go back to my kids, “he continued.” That’s exactly what I’m going to do. “

Leah Messer says goodbye

“I am not ‘controlled’ by anyone or following someone else’s leadership. The questions that are asked of me during my segment – I will always be 100 and answer honestly.”

She said she would not tolerate “disrespectful or ‘mean girl’ behavior on stage, especially when no one is present for self-defense.”

“I have three daughters in the house where women’s empowerment is something we believe in, even when you can’t see eye to eye with another woman,” Leah said.

“You never know when someone will go through something they may not be talking about. I will always empower and support women.”

Leah and a parking garage

For the situation with Kylin, he acknowledged that their friendship was “rocky” and explained that he had befriended Brianna while taping the Teen Mom Family Reunion because they had “therapeutic activities” and talked about a life. Coach, he said, “believed we were all on the same page.”

That’s why he liked Brianna’s Instagram post about self-growth, but the problem was that “I didn’t know then that there was a fat-embarrassing situation between Brianna and Kyle.”

So it looks like Kylin saw Leah like Brianna’s post just as she sent him the treadmill, which was absolutely fat-embarrassing, and it hurts her feelings – understandable, doesn’t it?

Leah Messer on MTV

Leah seemed to agree, insisting “it should be known that I do not and will not in any way, shape or size fat shy or oppress. This has led to feelings of tension and trauma which I hope will one day be resolved.”

He ended his argument by saying that he was “sick and tired of being brought into this drama, that my kindness had been taken for granted, or that I had been put in a position where I felt I had to choose someone’s side.”

Since he’s a Teen Mom 2 veteran – once Kylein is gone, he’ll be the only original cast member – he said he knows “what the show is supposed to be,” but “it’s all taking a twist and it saddens me.”

Leah Messer screen capture

ā€œIā€™m going to continue taking care of myself and say out of the way,ā€ he concluded. “I’m going to talk about my personal life experience and the journey you’ve all been following year after year. I wish all of my colleagues the best of luck.”

Honestly? Good for him.

Jade and Brianna’s behavior during the reunion clip really did leave those “bad girl” vibes, and if Leah doesn’t want any part of it, it’s another sign of how she grew up.

Leah inspires

Hopefully she can mend her friendship with Kylin if it matters to her, but if she just stays in her lane and does her job, we’ll be happy for her too.

Who would have thought that Leah Teen Mom 2 would be the voice of reason in the cast?

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