Liam Payne has clarified his comments about ‘brother’ Jane Malik after the explosion of fans

Liam Payne Returning to some of his controversial comments about the former bandmate Join the owner!

The One direction Alum went viral earlier this week after appearing in an episode of the podcast With impulsive Logan Paul. During the hour-long convocation, the English singer proceeded to make some comments about her X factor Day, the controversial relationship with his 1D bandmates, even Jane’s affair with his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid – All of which have just driven hard guides crazy like hell!

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After being blasted online by fans, the pop star took off Twitter To apologize on Thursday and clarify his statement about Zine, in particular, said:

“Friends — I don’t usually comment on these things but it’s hard to slide when it’s your family.”

During the chat, Logan pointed out this fact to his brother Jake Paul In 2020, he got into an argument with a musician in Las Vegas. This led to a conversation with the former about Zayn’s recent legal problems Gigi Hadid And his mother Yolanda Hadid. Liam even made a harsh joke about the expenses of his so-called “family” member before realizing that Zayn’s upbringing probably influenced the way he works. Referring to this part of the podcast, Liam continues his apology:

“It simply came to our notice then. I was saying that there will always be something we don’t agree on but I will always, always be on his side. This is the family. Zine is my brother and I will be by his side forever. ”

It’s definitely sweet! But is it too late to be too little?

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ICYMI, during the podcast, highlights Logan’s brother’s feud with the owner. In short, after an apparent altercation, Jake accused Pillow talk The deleted tweet tells you to have an “attitude” and to “stop for no reason”. Gigi, Jane’s then-girlfriend, applauded her baby’s father, calling him an “honorable king,” to whom Liam teased in an interview:

“He did some tweets, like, get yourself a respectable man. That one is not a very good age.”

Damn it! It’s a little push!

Of course, r Strip that down The vocalist was referring to reports that Jane had an argument with Gigi’s mother Yolanda in September, which led to a police report alleging that she had “grabbed and pushed” the supermodel. He pleaded not guilty to four counts of harassment and denied ever hitting her. But, still, the girl’s co-father Eat20 months, separation in drama.

Soo, did Liam really stand by Zayn’s side, openly joking about his legal troubles ?! We’ll let you decide in the comments (below) – but first, grab Liam’s full chat about the dramatic situation here:

Thinking ?? Let us know in the comments!

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