Liam Payne’s Ex-Maya Wants To Defeat Henry Bryce Hall From Her Ex

Maya Henry Didn’t talk much about his breakup with his ex-fianc Liam Payne! But this is shady Tick ​​tock She shows how she really feels about him these days!

As Perezius readers know, the couple broke off their engagement last month following some rumors of cheating. Was a model at the time Instagram To ask fans to stop tagging her in photos of the singer “wrapped around another woman”.

This week, Liam made headlines for an interview with her Logan PaulIts podcast Emotional. During that controversial convocation, the 28-year-old pop star revealed that he was interested in fighting. Good times, especially as many directions Join the owner Fans wanted to attack him for another comment!

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Taking away Twitter As One direction alum was constantly going viral for all these dramas, content creators Bryce Hall Suggested:

“I’m down to fight Liam Payne.”

Bryce can’t joke here. This won’t be his first fight, he actually made his boxing debut last summer. At this time, Tana Mangeu The video showed him announcing to his friend that he was routing to win the match:

“It simply came to our notice then. Even the paparazzi group Bryce উপর on God! ”

This is the exact audio that Maya decided to bring back to everyone’s FYP. On Thursday on TikTok, Maya Taner did a video leap-syncing with the audio track – something that fans explained as an announcement. Myself Team Bryce fights against his ex! Ch-ch- Check it out (below)!


On God ????????

♬ The real word – air

LOLz! He even captioned the video “On God”, sounding silly!

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Fans were shocked to learn that the Texas native had taken such a strong and public stand against her boyfriend! Annoyed by the comments, users wrote:

“Wedding as you should queen”

“Maya Om, it’s iconic.”

“No, Maya, you didn’t.”


“Maya knows its value”

“We are the queen right behind you”

“It wasn’t on my 2022 bingo card but I’m here for it.”

“Maya maya maya I’m screaming ggggggg”

Many people are surprised to see this reference to say safe! And they love it! To top it all off, Bryce actually shared the iconic tick-tock on Twitter now and again offered words of fight. X factor Alum

“So does that mean we have to fight now?” @ LiamPain. “

Huh !!

Do you really want to see Bryce and Liam fight ?! We know for whom Maya will have roots! Liam (below) Tell us your thoughts on this job!

[Image via Liam Payne/YouTube & Bryce Hall/Maya Henry/Instagram]

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