Little People’s Jack Rolf explodes in Baba Matt’s ‘Cowardice and Manipulation’

Small people, big world Star Jack Rolf Not happy with her father, Matt RolfAfter their family quarrel came to light.

The 32-year-old reality TV star called her 60-year-old father in a comment section Instagram The Sunday Post, just hours after the Matt family opened up to the public about the pumpkin farm sale.

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It all started with the veteran statesman and father of the Rolf family firm talking about his “retirement goals”. In his new post, Matt has become somewhat shady towards his two children, explaining that he made a “tough decision” to sell the farm after Jack and his twin brother. Jeremy Apparently did not want to take ownership of it.

Revealing more about the situation with twin children, Jeremy and Jack, the aging reality TV star wrote about her family’s Oregon-based pumpkin estate:

“My ultimate hope was that the entire Rolf Farm property would remain in our family for generations. It did not make sense to keep that dream alive at this time. Unfortunately, Rolf Farm Farm cannot legally be divided into multiple parcels.”

Explaining more about the family dynamics throughout this whole situation, Matt added:

“My twin boys decided not to consider working together on a potential joint venture. They both (along with their growing family) moved on to other interests and investments – and even substantial family discounts and an ‘equity gift’ from both Amy and I.” Granted … they have decided individually that the time is not right for them to buy a part of the farm at this time. “

Here is his full post (below):

Sounds easy enough – or is it?!?!

A few hours after Matt posted his explanation, Zach went into the comments and shared his own opinion about what was happening. The younger Rolf did not hesitate to slander his father in response, writing that the framing of his father’s farm sale was “extremely misleading and false.”

Zach shared:

“This post is very misleading and false. My dad is running the story before the season is out. Again, most of his life is like, [he is] Not blaming one’s own actions and blaming others. He pulls out the family drama he has created and then manipulates the fanbase to bring himself out properly. This post is a new surprise in cowardice and manipulation of his family and children for his own benefit. ”

Oops !!!

He is not behind at all.

FYI, with twins, Matt also shares a 25-year-old son Jacob With his ex-wife, Amy. Sources said that those who were talked to earlier The sun In March about real estate, Matt supposedly liked Jacob and his wife, Isabel, Take over the farm instead of Zach and / or Jeremy. But apparently that is not happening!

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At one stage in the comments section on Sunday, such as Dr. LPBW Fans denounced Matt for not selling the property to his children, a visitor asked if any of the children Wanted To buy property. In response, Matt writes:

“They all had more than enough … and had a fair chance.”


For now, it looks like this family real estate dispute will continue.

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[Image via Zach Roloff/Matt Roloff/Instagram]

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