Lorraine Shannon welcomes twins via c-section with husband Josh Ifard

In early April, the world learned that Lorraine “Pumpkin” Shannon was pregnant with twins.

It was exciting, albeit irresistible, news for her and her husband Josh Ifard.

Things are playing out around Lorraine West – unusually so, for the whole family of reality stars.

Now, it is known that Lorraine gave birth through C-section.

Lorraine Shannon and Josh Ifard with Ella and Bentley

The sun Reportedly, Lorraine and Josh welcomed a baby girl and a baby boy on May 19th.

Mama June Shannon’s latest grandchildren were born by C-section at a Georgia hospital.

The facility specializes in high-risk pregnancies.

Lorraine Shannon and Hobby

Both of Lorin’s babies were healthy, and were able to go home just days after they were born.

He also recovered and went home – although we all know that C-section recovery is long and often painful.

Pumpkin’s baby girl weighs 6 pounds, her baby boy weighs 5 pounds and 4 ounces – just below the average healthy size.

Pumpkin Shannon

Considering they are twins, it seems very healthy for both of them.

They were born about two weeks ago, chances are they are both heavier now than they were born.

Gaining a few ounces or even a pound a week for healthy, well-fed newborns is not unquestionable, but different babies grow at their own pace.

Josh Afford has a terrible idea

Lorraine and Josh have never officially confirmed what they are expecting.

The news, which broke in April, came through reports.

None of them addressed the issue of pregnancy in public, and most of them did not.

Lorraine Shannon retreats in fear

However, Mama Jun touched on the matter – without confirming it.

June simply said that her daughter needed another child “just like she needs a hole in her head,” a reference to Lorin and Josh having enough on their plate.

Lorraine is only 22, but already has a 4-year-old Ella and a 10-month-old Bentley.

Lorraine Shannon faces the ugly truth

June admits that Lorraine is a good parent, describing her children as “like hell.”

We must remember that June grew up and spent most of her life in extreme poverty and abusive environment.

Lorraine’s kids will never have to rely on roadkill or ketchup-based spaghetti. In most ways, fame has been a real blessing for this family.

Lorraine Shannon is unpleasantly shocked

Of course, while Lorraine and Josh are rich – and they are not – raising two kids to four is a big deal.

Significantly, they are now treating two newborns, one infant and one preschool child.

It’s a lot of kids, and some expect friends and family to help with childcare, housework and more. It’s too much.

Pumpkin and boyfriend

When newborns need time and attention, many families turn to grandparents for childcare.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Although the family spent a lot of time and energy repairing the fence, June lost much of her faith during her downward spiral … and lost her custody.

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