Lots of privacy! Prince Harry and Megan Merkel will star in ‘At-Home’

Netflix A very regal reality series has been hijacked!

Sources have said that he spoke to her Page six On Wednesday, the streamer is ready to release a new documentary Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel! An insider described the event as a “home with Sussex-style duke and duchess” series. So The real housewife With a dash of fugitive royalty ?!

This unique peek into the lives of Harry and Megan could come sooner than expected! Netflix executives apparently want to join hands with Prince’s upcoming Tell-All memoir (a specific release date has not been announced, but it is expected in late ’22) to premiere the show at the end of the year. However, the Sussex team is not so sure about that. They want to keep it closed until next year. Hmmm. Still stagnant Other One of their huge deals ?!

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A well-known producer told the outlet:

“The time is still being discussed, things are in the air.”

As Perezcious readers know, the parents signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix in 2020, shortly after they moved to the United States. Just like their mindset Spotify Agreement, they have been slow to reveal anything. Sadly, Megan’s animated series Pearls The Streamer was just dropped by the company with a string of other series due to customer issues. The pair had a Netflix camera last month Invictus Games For a documentary called Heart of Invictus Which will highlight worldwide games for 37-year-old wounded and wounded soldiers and women. They even made an unexpected pit-stop Buckingham Palace To travel Queen Elizabeth IIAlthough it was not well taken!

Royal biographer Tom Bauer Claimed Dailymail.com The visit was “for their Netflix documentary,” he added:

“I have no doubt this was done for their Netflix documentary. The Queen’s advisers failed to protect her from being exploited by the worst businessmen in the royal family, while Sussex exploited an old, sick woman to increase their credibility and treasury.”


If it’s a reaction after a pictorial philosophy, we can’t imagine the family being too excited about this reality series. Over the last few years, Harry and Megan have had enough trouble spreading the word about their drama – now the couple will try to win the hearts of more and more fans, and perhaps even the pot will be more excited!

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And while it’s not clear how much the documentaries will focus on the royal family, it will certainly give fans a unique interior look. Archwell Foundation The personal life of the founders !! Sources told the outlet that cameras were allowed in the couple’s home in Montesito. So, does that mean kids will be involved too ?! The Suite alum and Prince WilliamHer estranged brother rarely shared anything about their son Archie3, and daughter Lilibate11 months, so far – could that change ?!

Either way, this series seems to be working for a while now. Cameras were seen filming them during a trip to NYC last September. By now they must have a lot of content! Insiders seem excited about the show’s potential, with one person sharing:

“I think it’s fair to say that Netflix is ​​getting its pound of meat.”

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