Louisiana female security guard accused of helping 3 teenagers escape from detention

Three juvenile detainees were able to escape from a detention facility in Louisiana over the weekend, thanks to the help of a 21-year-old female security guard.

According to Office of the Red River Parish SheriffFrom Saturday they got a call and went downstairs Wire Youth Detention Center In Kushatta, Louisiana, just before 7 a.m., three prisoners were released from prison. The fugitives were 17 years old TyJuan Lafitte17 years old Jeremiah DurhamAnd 15 years old Na’varaya Lane. Everyone was jailed for various crimes, including armed robbery and attempted first-degree murder. Written in the office of the Red River Parish Sheriff Facebook:

“Upcoming day shift workers discovered that three male teenagers, with the help of a female WYC security guard, escaped from the juvenile detention facility about four hours ago.”

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Security guards detained on video surveillance at detention center Victoria Tune A white 2010 Pontiac G6 compound with a Louisiana license plate drives the trio and the rear bumper is missing. All three boys wore orange jumpsuits when they fled the facility. And as soon as the police found out about their escape, a warrant was issued for Victoria.

But their race from the law did not last long! The Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office later shared an update on Facebook stating that three detainees and a security guard had been arrested and taken into custody. The group was arrested in Texas Houston Police Department At around 2pm on Sunday, law enforcement found their car in a motel parking lot. After hours of surveillance, the suspects were surrounded by police and arrested:

“Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division, LA State Police Troop G Investigation Unit, Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office, LA Fusion Center and Houston Police Department’s Crime Suppression Team in a joint effort, driven recklessly at the gateway. Victoria Tune was located in the parking lot of a Houston motel where it was monitored by HPD for several hours. All suspects will be sent back to Louisiana, where they will face additional charges for fleeing. ”

Internally enough, this tragic situation came within a week of the Alabama Correctional Officer. Vicky White Who also helped the prisoner Casey White Get out of jail. The search for the two ended, however, when the convicted felon was re-arrested while Vicky took his own life at the time of his arrest. These two events happened so close together it must be crazy!

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[Image via Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office]

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