Love is Blind’s Dipti Vempati applauds, meaning job rumors!

Dipti Vempati Stands against the constant criticism of his own nose!

Time a Tick ​​tock Show live Sunday, Love is blind Alum condemned the haters in his comments section for constantly making rude remarks about his physical appearance. After receiving a ton of comments about her nose, the reality TV star has denied rumors of ever having a nose job and at the same time closed any house for hate on her social media feed!

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Joined by co-star and rumor beau Kyle AbramsThe Netflix The personality calls the trolls hidden among his followers:

“You guys, that’s my real nose. Stop making fun of it.”

Trying to be supportive and to lighten the mood, Kyle then insisted that he was the one who needed “nose work” after being in a “car accident”. Dipti smiled, but she did not stop, but continued:

“It simply came to our notice then. I’m not changing that. “

Chicago natives then became even more overwhelmed, adding:

“Catch it. This is my king’s face. “

E.M. To say !!

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Again, Kyle pretends to hold the 31-year-old’s nose and jumps to add some humorous relief to the livestream by calling himself his “biggest fan.” Ah! Fortunately, Kyle was not the only winner who cheered him on. Lots of fans quickly conclude Dipti to explode even the haters:

“Thank you. Oh my God. I have to say that everyone here is very nice. Whenever someone says something negative, they come for them and I love you all.”

Cute! People in love are in the midst of hatred for him!

As Perezkas readers will think, Dipti and Kyle have been spreading rumors of romance since the end of their reality series season, especially when they have been seen to be truly comfortable. Kochella Together! Sat down to chat with the data analyst last week And! News About his love life, and when he did not confirm or deny the conjecture, he had this to say:

“I can’t really say much about it. We made such a great friendship. I guess you’ll have to wait and see what happens to our story. “

Hmmm. That sounds promising! Either way, it seems like he won’t always be in his corner! Feedback, fan reader? Does Dipti love the straight path by stopping the haters?

[Image via Netflix/YouTube]

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