Machine gun Kelly shared a completely nude selfie and jokes that she did ‘5 full sit-ups’.

Kelly machine gun Let it all hang out!

Megan FoxThe man took it Instagram Post a series of pictures from the weekend and set More grief, Showing some of the on-screen fun he had on location while shooting that funny flick. But it’s a special picture that grabs our attention – and the attention of almost everyone in the entertainment world!

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Rocker, 32, whose real name is Colson Baker, Stoner posted multiple photos and videos to his IG account over the weekend to promote the comedy movie. He must know how to get people’s attention, because the first shot of his content carousel is one in itself Absolutely Nude waiting to shoot a scene for Flick during filming !!

He joked that he “did 5 full sit ups (and 200 blunt) to prepare for my role. More grief“Megan’s guy was obviously a bit embarrassed by the sexy and instant snap, as you can see (below):


Others obviously liked the post, along with Paul Sun mode Dropping a note in the comments:

“This is still your greatest post.”


By the way, MGK recently joked about Why He also wrote the movie. He explained the matter in a new interview Extra A text from that Jennifer’s body The star was actually inspired by the whole thing! The rock-and-roll actor reveals that he misinterpreted a message from Fox early in their relationship and mistakenly assumed that he was breaking up with her! Oh no!

So, he took that rage and turned it into a complete curse movie, which was released last Friday! The Bloody Valentine The musician outlet explained:

“I wrote the movie for him because he was unknowingly spiraling. [My character] It spirals over a text she doesn’t really understand and she can’t hold on to, and that’s what happened to me. “

That’s great! Turning into a feature-length movie is a relatively small thing (as it turned out)!

Kelly even joked with the outlet that, after the truth, Fox was shocked at how a quick text could turn into a movie! He explained the 36-year-old film star’s reaction after learning the real reason behind the script:

“He was like, ‘That’s what you’ve been thinking all the time.'”

Yes, we understand that!

And, still, she could be here: from the set as naked More grief!

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[Image via Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram]

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