Mackenzie Edwards: God wanted to leave our Teen Mom Ozzy!

Mackenzie Edwards recently sat down to record a podcast with Farah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen.

This sentence alone is enough to make one tremble, isn’t it?

Danielsen, however, hosted something called the RHEB3L – EMPOWER podcast, and he had a lot of MTV-related issues with Mackenzie.

Top of the list?

His village is Mackenzie Edwards

Mackenzie and her husband Ryan were fired from Teen Mom Ozzy in March 2021 … mainly because Ryan’s ex, Massey Bookout, asked them to get a pink slip.

McKenzie claimed in the interview, “The show is gone, it’s really a weight off everyone’s shoulders.”

“Everyone thinks, ‘Ah, I can take a deep breath … It’s amazing not to have too much public opinion … I know, and everyone I meet knows I’m not that scary, I’m not a bad person.

“It’s much better now than it was before.”

Mackenzie Edwards on Insta

Mackenzie, Ryan, and later parents often clashed with Mackie as a Teen Mom Ozi cast member in their final season, especially for the amount of time Ryan and Mackenzie spent with their 12-year-old son, Bentley.

Shortly after the filming, “Edwards was informed that Messi’s agents wanted to go the other way and show off all their abilities,” a source close to the production said about 15 months ago.

“Auntie went into production and explained that she wanted her story to cover all parts of her life,” the report continued, and simply stated that she did not want the program to “focus on Ryan and his family.”

The boom is all over. Ball game for Mackenzie and Ryan.

Mackenzie, Ryan and their dogs

Edwards has since maintained that he is happy to do the job, even claiming to Danielsen that he wants his immediate family to leave first.

Why were they stuck around?

“It made great sense,” Mackenzie admitted in the podcast.

“It’s a difficult thing to do, especially for your kids. You’re giving them opportunities that you wouldn’t really be able to do without it in the first place.”

Mackenzie Standiffer in 2022

McKenzie further complained that Mackie was not responsible for removing him from Teen Mom Ozzy.

It was all God’s plan, you see!

Edwards explains to Danielsen:

“We said, ‘We are going to pray, and we are going to say the same prayer. And if God wants to take it away from us, He must close the door. ‘ And I promise you – the Bible! – The next day we got a call [telling us we were off the show].

“That’s what was meant, so I don’t think you can be hurt or sorry or something like that when you know it’s planned for you.”

Ryan and Mackenzie in 2021

MTV viewers, meanwhile, may recall the controversy over Ryan Bentley’s refusal to go into therapy.

According to Mackenzie, however, this is a false narrative … perpetuated by executives.

“I really hope people see Ryan’s heart behind it,” McKenzie claimed on the broadcast.

“It’s not that she didn’t want her child to take counseling … [he wanted] Not to do it on television. “

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards together

Can we ever see Mackenzie and Ryan back on television?

“I don’t think TV is a place for me or Ryan,” Mackenzie replied.

“I think the ship has sailed.

“I’m not entirely sure I have anything really interesting besides being a mom. And I’m good at it.”

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