Mackenzie Standifer talks about losing weight in shorts, condemned by haters

Mackenzie Standifer did not appear Teenage mother Ozzy Within a year

In March 2021, Ryan Edwards and his entire family were expelled from the show at the instigation of Massey Bookout.

But despite the fact that his reality TV career seems to be over, Mackenzie is popular on social media.

Unfortunately, this means that he is a common subject of criticism for TMOG fans.

Mackenzie Standiffer in 2022

Part of the problem, of course, is that Ryan wasn’t exactly a popular cast member and Mackenzie was his biggest defender.

But there is another level of reaction against Standiffer and it is much more ugly than Ryan-related criticism.

(Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. It’s important to note that, based on what we’ve seen on TMOG, Edwards is not a good parent, or at least, a good person.)

Mackenzie sells standiffer shoes

Arguably in addition to roasting him for his continued involvement with the father of the worst child Teenage mother History (which Really Some say), many commentators have criticized Standiffer’s continued weight loss.

Now, Mackenzie is an influential figure in a fitness brand of her own, and she doesn’t seem to be engaging in any unhealthy dieting practices.

Still, fans have criticized her for looking “extremely different” in her recent Instagram story.

Mackenzie Standifer's Instagram story

As usual, many anxious trolls stopped and pretended to be concerned about Mackenzie’s health.

Again, it does not appear that there is any Because Be concerned about his health, but it remains a normal line of attack.

In addition to hinting that she may have an eating disorder, many who comment on Mackenzie’s appearance want to argue that she looks older than her age.

Mackenzie Standifer has black hair

“I think she’s really pretty but it blows my mind that this is a woman my age. Then again, I would be 20 years old if I married Ryan,” one commenter wrote on Reddit.

“She looks much older than him. And I don’t like her black hair. The blonde was even better,” another echoed.

Now, teasing thousands of strangers on your Instagram posts must be discouraged.

Mackenzie Standifer has a drink

But fortunately, Mackenzie still has more fans than haters.

“I think you look beautiful with blonde or dark hair,” one follower commented in the photo above.

“Look girl! You look amazing! I like long black hair!” Another has been added.

Mackenzie drinks standiffer coffee

“Love the new vibe and you look great!” A third chimed.

To his credit, Mackenzie does a good job of focusing on the positive and blocking his enemies.

“Why do you want to be better? Or why not? Why do you stand up for what you believe?” He recently asked his followers.

Mackenzie works out

“We all have to answer this question. It’s up to us to decide why we want to do things, “he added.

“My ‘why’ is my family and my children. That would be nice. Be strong. Be you This is my ‘why’.

And perhaps in response to many critics flocking to his page in recent months, Mackenzie has also outlined his methods for reducing the pound.

Mackenzie Standiffer looks different

“Gluten / milk-free, tested a food sensitivity, reversed the diet from keto to moderate carbohydrates,” he wrote.

Whatever he does, it seems to be working … the curse of the haters!

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