Mahogany Roca vaguely hints that she is still dating Ben Rathbun

One of the most amazing 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Season 5 The couple was Ben Rathboon and Mahogany Roca.

At first, viewers were surprised to find that mahogany was real. The catfishing story was forgotten in place of Ben’s growing casualness.

Ben blames the relationship problem 90 day engagement … and usually in everything except myself. Many hoped they were over.

Now, mahogany is indicating that they are together. But why?

Ben Rathboon and Mahogany Roca on a dinner date

On Memorial Day Weekend, Mahogany Roca shared this photo with Ben Rathbun, apparently arranged for a dinner date.

It is possible that the photo outside of this little focus is a throwback.

But he didn’t label it that way – he just used a lot of hashtags, a lot of franchise-related, and an emoji depicting clinking glass.

Ben Rathbun confronted the mahogany rocker for cheating in the past

“Are you still with Ben ???” Asked a startled commenter.

“Are they seeing each other again?” Another questioned, commenting: “Lord please.”

A different commentator described Ben: “A man is acting like a little boy trying to be with a young girl.”

Ben Rathboon - Am I your boyfriend or just your friend?

Now, wait a minute.

During their season, when Ben met Mahogany, he was surprised that the woman he saw as his future wife did not see him as her future husband.

Instead, he identified her as a more “friend”, which took some time to accept.

Mahogany Roca leaves Ben Rathbun alone on the table

In fact, as the season unfolded, Mahogany even began to question their position as “friends”.

Ben was rude, embarrassed in front of his parents by not showing breakfast because he was annoyed by not responding to his lessons.

Speaking of his text, he sent her what was clearly an insane amount of things, which he admitted was worth about ten pages. Ridiculous.

Good night Ben Rathbun hugs Mahogany Roka awkwardly

Ben refused to plead guilty to any real problems with him and Mahogany or even with his ex-wife or his ex-fianc.

Mahogany called him this and other things.

Eventually, he chased her into a car and then out. She was done. That was enough.

Ben Rathboon tries to get in the car with Mahogany Roker anyway

But about a year later, when their season finally aired, people saw them together and took pictures at a mall in Lima, Peru.

There were no cameras on them at the time (although cast members can and do go outside the camera during filming).

It is possible that they came back together, either for the show or because of their own emotional engagement.

Ben Rathboon and Mahogany Roka on Reddit (February 2022)

That was a few months ago.

So while it is possible that they are still together, it is also possible that they are broken.

And until this picture, people had an easy time telling themselves that Ben was working on his next fascination while Mahogany was living his life as before.

Ben Rathboon and Mahogany Roka go to the sand dunes

But this image can still be confusing, since we don’t know the context or when it was taken.

Some speculate that Mahogany shared the photo for his own reasons to make people guess.

Whether it’s focusing on his internet brand or stringing people together until a (possibly) new season airs with the two of them … anyone guesses.

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