Makeup artist Bobby Brown has just destroyed a super popular beauty influencer

This is too hilarious !!

Makeup artist Bobby Brown Just a drag Tick ​​tock Impressive and the results f ** king amazing !!

On Monday, the 65-year-old decided to try a new makeup technique that she learned in the app to see if it really worked. As he pointed out, the strategy involves taking two big globes of his brand Jones RoadIts new foundations (called “What the Foundation” aka WTF) and they rubbed around his face. After trying it, she determined the technique “didn’t really work” because she was covered with a thick layer of makeup that wouldn’t blend in properly with her skin.

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The results sound just as ridiculous. See the Viral Strategy (below) test:


How did I do that ?? Is the foundation applying moderate coverage in the light of Jones Road ????????? #Foundation #foundationhack #foundation routine

♬ Original word – Bobby Brown

At first glance, the video may seem weird – unless you know what he’s joking about !!

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Another video went viral last week when the influential Dr. Meredith Duxbury (Which has 15 Millions Followers on the app) posted a review of the product, but, um, it may not be based on the problem! Looks like Meredith hit her face too hard! Check out Ch-ch’s disgusting post (below):


I have to pass … ??????????

তাই I love you so – King Khan and BBQ show

Really a WTF moment !! Yes!

Viewers were as surprised as Bobby by the jaw-dropping amount of the product the so-called makeup artist thought was appropriate to use, wrote in a comment:

“It’s Peanut Butter Baby”

“Influencers don’t study how products should be used”

“Probably don’t apply the whole jar”

“I’ve never seen anyone make such a serious mistake, then put the blame on the brand. Is it a hit piece? Ha ha ha “

It really shakes the mind !! But it seems the same for the course for Duxbury. Many of her other videos also show her piled up on a thick layer of facial makeup, leaving many wondering how she manages to clean skin! Although Bobby smashed Tiktokar with his clap, he kept it great while addressing the videos in a statement. JezebelSaying:

“I was recording some educational videos on WTF and after the shooting, we decided to have some fun with it. I have the utmost respect for Meredith and all the makeup artists and influencers who are crashing it into TikTok and I’m grateful she tried the product, but WTF isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. There is room for beauty in everyone. “

LOLz !! Can you believe that someone would apply so much foundation and then blame the company ?? Let us know your feedback on our comments (below)!

[Image via MasterClass/YouTube & Meredith Duxbury/TikTok]

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