Maria Kerry case! This guy really wrote that all I want for Christmas is you,

Maria CareyOf I wish you all the best for Christmas One of the most popular Christmas songs of all time. If you’ve volunteered to play the song for your holiday festivities, or if you’ve ever visited a store between November and January, you’ve probably heard of it. The song boasts more than a billion streams SpotifyBut a new case alleges Christmas queen One should not get all that revenue!

Mimi, her music co-author Walter AfanasifAnd Sony Music Group Is facing a $ 20 million lawsuit claiming that the holiday smash injury credit belongs to the other party.

Andy StoneAs artistically known Vince Vance and Valiant, Has filed a civil suit and claims that he is the rightful owner and that Maria only “took inspiration” from a song he wrote a few years ago. He claims that in 1989 he co-wrote and recorded a song of the same name in Nashville. He added that the version of his song received “extensive airplay” during the 1993 holiday season – exactly one year before Maria released her version in 1994.

Has anyone ever heard of it I wish you all the best for Christmas Sung by Vince Vance and Valiant? If it got wide airplay in 1993, surely someone remembers hearing smash hits before Maria was released, right? Here’s the thing – you may not even know it!

Listen (below):

It doesn’t feel good Merry Christmas We all know and love the album’s features, don’t we? Yes, the two songs are musically And Lyrically different! So … what’s the matter with him ??

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Andy, whose filing in court described him as “a self-employed artist who earns his living in the business of serving, selling and licensing his copyrighted music”, is suing Kerry because he “never sought or received permission” to use the title. I wish you all the best for Christmas.

He’s suing because Maria’s song has the same name? There is no other similarity between the two? (Let’s hope he doesn’t have a song in his name Daylight – There have been more than a dozen in the last decade Daylights! Alas!) Can you trademark such a title? And if so Did She ??

Court documents say Stone first contacted Kerry’s legal team in April 2021, but both parties were “unable to come to an agreement.” He then sent a ceasefire and break letter, alleging that he and his team were continuing to “exploit” his work.

If his work is exploited, why didn’t he sue when Maria’s song came out? Why did he wait 28 years – after the song left worldwide and earned 60 million in royalties – to finally arrive?

At the time of writing, neither Kerry nor his team has publicly responded to the lawsuit. What do you think ??

[Image via Instagram/Mariah Carey/CBS Mornings/YouTube]

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