Marnie Schulenburg, As The World Turns Star, died at 37

Marni Schullenberg, a veteran actress best known for her role in As the World Turns and One Life to Live, died Tuesday of complications from breast cancer.

He was 37 years old.

Schullenberg’s husband, Jack Rabidas – an actor who appeared in Sorry for Your Loss and Success – confirmed the sad news in a long and emotional post on Facebook.

Marnie Schulenberg

“Please don’t say that Marni lost her battle with cancer. This is simply not true. I have seen his cancer ass every day since the diagnosis, “Rabidas wrote on Wednesday, adding to his brave wife:

“She is incredible.

“We have chosen to attack his diagnosis with blind optimism.

“We just talked about the future and moved on. I don’t know if it was right but we knew how to do it.”

Photo by Marnie Schulenburg

Schullenberg – who starred in hit shows such as Blue Bloods, Army Wives, Royal Pains, Divorce and The Good Fight – died at a hospital in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Just 9 days ago, he posted on Instagram about his diagnosis.

“On May 8, 2020, I found out I had breast cancer and really thought my life was over.

“Two years later, I’m still here and I have a chance to get better with him every month,” the star wrote.

Marnie Schullenberg's daughter

Schullenberg goes on to mention both his own mother and his young daughter Koda, with whom he posed above.

“I know I’m here [Coda] The best gift I can give him.

“But at the moment, it seems to be settling in as she gets her own half-life version. My mom showed me 100 percent every day for growing up, or at least that’s what it looks like.

“I want to give Koda the same, but I must be kind to myself and remember that nothing lasts forever.”

Marnie Schullenberg in 2012

Schullenberg had his first television credit as Alison Stewart in 2007’s As the World Turns.

He then appeared in the full-time series and appeared in more than 300 episodes until the show was finally canceled in 2010.

Three years later, Schেনlenberg starred in a short-lived revival of the ABC soap opera One Life to Live, starring Joe Sullivan.

From 2014 to 2017, he starred in the meta-soap opera “Anted Dreams”, which chronicled the backstage drama of a soap opera cast.

Marnie and friends

Most recently, Schullenberg played a recurring role of Maggie Kaysen in the showtime drama City on a Hill with its Season 3 premiere in July.

Schullenberg left Rabidas and their daughter.

We extend our condolences to her friends, family and loved ones.

May Marnie Schullenberg live in peace.

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