Mason Disick reassures Northwest: Stepdads aren’t bad! Travis is great!

We all know more about the relationship between Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker than we need to.

Although the world has heard and seen a lot from now-married couples and Courtney’s ex, they’re not the only ones involved.

Courtney’s children are still quite young, and when their parents separated seven years ago, this new episode in their mother’s life is a combination.

Fortunately, Mason is taking it so well that he is giving his cousin, the Northwest, comforting advice, now that his own parents are broken.

Kim Kardashian chats excitedly with Chris Jenner

In Season 1, Episode 8 KardashiansChris Jenner showed Kim his fridge and freezer setup.

Kim then gave her mother some news, recalling an adorable car ride with 12-year-old Mason Dixick.

Mason, he shared, asked to leave Travis Barker’s studio, which led to a nice conversation between the cousins.

Kim Kardashian recalls a car ride

“Her tone has changed completely since the engagement,” Kim praised.

“I heard him say, ‘You know, having an honest father isn’t so bad.'”

Kim continues to quote Mason: “‘You know, they’re not the bad guys you see in movies. It’s not like that. ‘

Chris Jenner is very sensitive

Kim noted that Mason was “overwhelmed” by the sight of Travis being dropped off at his studio.

He told Chris about it, seeing the process of this sweet exchange between his grandchildren.

Mason is only sharing his very mature and optimistic feelings about his mother – he also reassures the North, who finds himself in a new situation.

Chris Jenner is very sensitive

Kim spoke to the confessional camera about how it made her feel.

“After listening to this conversation with Mason and North and how he’s getting along with Travis and loving someone else around,” he began.

Kim reflected: “I’m fine, okay, there’s hope.”

Kim Kardashian looks to the future

“One day, I will have someone who can come around and hang out with the kids,” Kim confirmed, as if it were talking about existence.

Apparently, this means that Pitt must have been mentioned in the episode, with Kim admitting that he was “secret” about her.

But the line is not about a man, not even Pitt – it’s looking forward to a future where he can find a partner who is not Kanye West.

Producer Kim Kardashian - So are you dating Pete?  Why the secret?

Of course, Kanye is the man who loudly announced that Pete would “never” see his children.

It could have been anything that stopped him, but apparently former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham spiraled a tattoo of Clinton.

While we can acknowledge that some of Yeah’s paranoia and eruptions are the result of his mental illness, we can also note that he prefers to avoid treatment as a result of his loved ones.

Kim Kardashian - Pete Davidson on the phone

Things can be corrected in that section, but no one is holding their breath for Kanye to turn his whole personality around.

Mason’s enlightened wisdom about Courtney and Travis’ engagement can come from a variety of things, from Travis being a great friend to Mason’s own maturity.

But it is possible that Scott, annoyingly or not, spoke of encouragement to his son. Will Kanye ever do the same for her children and for someone dating Kim?

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