Mason Dixick assures Northwest that the stepdads in Cravis are not ‘bad guys’

Mason Disk Giving some great advice Northwest About stepdads!

During the last episode Kardashians Thursday, Kim Kardashian Withdrawn from Chris Jenner A recent conversation he heard while driving with North and Mason, who asked his aunt if he could drop her off here. Travis BarkerIts studio. In fact, she was actually “excited” to see him. Shh! Kim says:

“It was me driving and Mason was in the back seat and North was in the back seat and I listened to them. And Mason goes on to say, ‘Can you drop me off at Travis’ studio later?’ He asked me. … He was, ‘It’s very good.’ And he was saying to the North, they have these bikes and that is very funny. Her tune has changed completely since the engagement. ”

As viewers know, this is a huge step in the right direction Courtney Kardashian And Scott Disk ‘The three children made it clear that they were not too excited about their mother’s new relationship with their mother Blink-182 Drummers they have been especially on their constant PDA! (And who can blame them when your mom is doing this ?!) Scott even revealed in a previous episode that the trio was very “upset” for not being invited to the couple’s engagement.

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So it is safe to say that this transition was not the easiest for Mason, PenelopeAnd Kingdom, But it looks like the biggest disc was ready to give Travis his approval stamp! How is that? According to Kim, the 12-year-old realized that honest fathers weren’t really “evil people” as they are sometimes portrayed in movies – and shared the matter with her cousin North. Reality star Chris tells:

“I heard him say, ‘You know, having an honest father is not so bad. You know, they’re not the bad guys you see in movies. It’s not like that. ‘

Ah! Mason is proving once again that he will not always be behind his cousin!

(Also, why Is There are many wicked honest fathers in the movie?)

Her sweet talk towards the North has undoubtedly made her feel more comfortable developing her new romance with Kim. Pete Davidson. Seeing Scott’s kids adopt Travis is a good sign that his kids are probably ex Connie West One day you can be good with other men in the house! As he stated in his confession:

“After listening to this conversation with Mason and North and how he’s getting along with Travis and loving someone else around, I think, well, there’s hope. You know, one day I’ll be the one to come around and hang out with the kids. “

Ah, well, that’s before Pitt was introduced to the kids! It actually took a really long time – and now why do we have more insight!

Of course, this prompted a producer to ask why he was so secretive about his relationship with Pete. Kim explained in her confession that she wanted to make sure the romance was strong before telling the whole world:

“Honestly, I think I really wanted to make sure and didn’t want to be like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve met someone and I’m just kidding.’ And then just started talking about it on a show like that. And then if we hadn’t talked a few months later I would have been a fool or a whore.

Understandable, LOLz! He is now clearly aware of the delay in reality TV time!

Later in the scene with Chris, The SKIMS The producer also mentioned that he was “always one step behind” from the Big Sis Court and would like to get some guidance on how to handle such a situation:

“It’s amazing to me that there’s a guide, ‘Oh, your kids are feeling it. Well, my kids are starting to feel it.’ I’m just starting to date. “

Obviously, every kid is different, so who knows if the answer is, Saint, ChicagoOr Sam They will have the same feelings about their future honest parents as the children of Courtney did at first! But without a doubt, it seems that if four young children are struggling with it, their cousin Mason will come out with the advice and help.

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