Matt Rolf to Zach: You’re not good enough to run a farm, sorry-not-sorry!

New season.

New and heinous conflict.

On Tuesday night, TLC started a new race for the Little People, Big World episode, spotlighting the rather big riff that developed between Matt Rolf and his son Jack last year.

At risk of problems?

Jack Rolf looks depressed

Zach Rolf wants to buy a stake in the firm, the property / business his father has run for the past three decades.

As a prelude to a sneak peek published online a few days ago, Zach must have been interested in buying a portion of the farm from his father and moving his immediate family there.

But he did it, according to Matt, in an inappropriate way.

“He didn’t come for the discussion. He came to claim,” Matt told the camera through a confession at the season premiere.

Photo of Matt Rolf's interview

The father of four was obviously annoyed by the way this boy tried to buy the lot, which provoked an angry reaction from Jack that we rarely see in the air.

“Do you want to make money from your own family? Or do you want this legacy that you have been promoting for 10 years?” Zach says in his own confession, referring to his father and, apparently, his unexpected greed.

From Zach’s point of view, a typical 30-acre farm would be ideal for raising his children.

He said the following a few weeks ago before welcoming his third child with wife Tory.

Matt and Jack Rolf on Air

“We want to raise our family, and knowing Jackson and Lila are growing up, we want to be in a place where we can see our family for a long time and not where we are now,” Zach explained in the opening episode.

“I think the farm will be a great place for Jackson and Lilah to grow up.”

Reality Star says the farm house is already dwarf-friendly … so it would be a good place for her family.

However, Zach added that his twin brother, Jeremy, had talked to Matt about buying the land – but it didn’t work out, so Zach knew it wouldn’t be easy to talk to his father.

In an episode of Jack Rolf

Still: It’s worse than he thought.

“My dad and I talked a lot about what it would look like in the summer,” Matt said on the broadcast.

“My father, of course, encouraged conversation. So finally, my dad and I decided to have a meeting, so Carin and Torio came to help with the process.

“But things did not go well. It was bad.”

Tori and Zach Roloff poster

In 2020, Amy Rolf sold part of her land to Matt; And this segment was Zach then hoping to buy for himself.

“On the north side are my favorite parts of the farm, like Jackson and I really like to play in the woods, the creeks, the ponds,” Zach said. “You know, that’s part of our favorite.”

Anyway …

“My dad’s starting point was not 30 acres, but 15, and then he cut down the forest, our favorite part. The whole thing was weird. Suddenly, he makes excuses and shows why we are not good enough to run the farm. “

Jack Rolf is upset

Zach went on to say he was “upset” by Matt’s sudden change.

This premiere was shot many months ago, but it is clear that there is more tension and bitterness between father and son.

After Matt announced on Facebook last weekend that he was selling 16 acres of farmland (for 4 million), he wrote the following on Instagram:

My twin boys have decided not to consider working together on a potential joint venture.

They both (along with their growing family) have moved on to other interests and investments. There was even a significant family discount and an “equity gift” offered by both Amy and me.

Matt Rolfe in 23 seasons

Zach, in a shocking rebuke, fired back at his father. Tough

Tagging her father in her response, Zach wrote in a comment:

“This post is very confusing and false.

“My dad is running the story right now before the season is out.”

zach roloff left a comment

Wow, huh?

Zach concludes, only to blast his parents:

Again, he did not take responsibility for his actions for most of his life and blamed others. Pulling out the family drama he had created, he then manipulated the fan base and came out on his own.

This post is a new tragic low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his own benefit.

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