Matthew Lillard defends ex-girlfriend Neve Campbell to Scream Pay Battle: ‘Why

If you haven’t heard the sad news, it looks like we might have seen the last one The Best Final Girl of All Time, Sydney Prescott. Nave Campbell Confirmed this week that he had to refuse Scream 6 Later Paramount He suggested that she have very little money to continue the discussion.


Now a co-star from the original is backing Sid. Matthew LillardWho first played Stu Machar Scream – and started dating Neve for a while – keep an eye on Hollywood news during a streaming discussion about his new company Midnight Movie Club. And she was 100% in favor of the top woman in the series. Pointing to their sexuality, he asked:

Tom Cruise Take less money for Maverick? F ** k no, dude. No. So why should a woman take less? Why not pay him more as the series progresses? “

The man has a word! As he and his friend say in conversation, in the world of fear? In Scream Suffrage? Nave Campbell Tom Cruise.

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Matthew also hinted at something that would seem obvious to most fans but apparently not in the studio – it was time to bring him back! Scream (2022) has earned 140 million worldwide! For a slasher flick, it’s huge! So why the fuss over formulas? He argued:

“And there was Scream 5 Hit or not hit? It was a crushing blow! Did it make ** tons of money? Yes. What should he pay Neve Campbell for in the five movies in the franchise? Yes! “

Meaningful for us, too! Looking good from an ex boyfriend btw!

[Image via Paramount/YouTube.]

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