Matthew McCannaghi has condemned gun violence after a shooting at an elementary school

Matthew McConaughey On Tuesday he opened his mouth about the devastating school shooting that took place in his hometown of Uvalade, Texas.

At least 19 children and two teachers have been killed in a shooting by an 18-year-old man, according to the latest police report. Rob Primary School. The gunman reportedly shot his grandmother before the massacre, and she was killed by reactionary officers. Such a devastating tragedy.

The actor took to talking about the lack of gun laws in the country Instagram With an emotional appeal for change.

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Tuesday night Dallas Buyers Club I started:

“As you all know, there was another mass shooting today, this time in my hometown of Uvalade, Texas. Again, we have sadly demonstrated that we have failed to hold our freedom accountable for the rights we have been granted. “

Instead of simply offering his condolences to the bereaved families (although his heart, of course, was broken for them during this sad time), he called on the public to do something about this horrific pattern of mass shootings:

“Every American now looks deeper and deeper into the mirror and asks himself, ‘What is our true value?’ How do we fix the problem? How many small sacrifices can we individually make today to protect a healthy and secure nation, state and neighbor tomorrow? ‘ We can’t breathe again, we can’t make excuses and we can’t accept this sad reality as a state of stability. “

You can say that again! It’s out of time for a change! How many innocent children will have to die until the legislators do more for the safety of all in our country ?! It is reprehensible to think that children and parents should ever be afraid to go to school (or any other public location in that regard)! In this regard, Matthew continues:

“As Americans, Texans, as mothers and fathers, now is the time to re-evaluate us, and re-evaluate our needs from our own. We need to rearrange our values ​​and find a common ground on this destructive American reality that has sadly become a problem for our children.

It’s an epidemic that we can control, and no matter which isle we stand on, we all know we can do better. We need to do better. Measures should be taken to ensure that parents do not feel overwhelmed or overwhelmed by what others have experienced before. ”

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Finally, he ended with a message of love for those parents whose children were stolen from them after such a heinous, unscrupulous act. He concluded:

“And to those who have said goodbye to their loved ones today, no word can understand or heal your loss, but if prayer can comfort them, we will keep them coming.”

So well said. Our hearts go out to all those who mourned the loss of their loved ones during this mass shooting. We sincerely hope that all politicians, celebrities and everyday people are talking about this tragedy that real change will come to stop this depressing trend of gun violence. We can’t go on like this …

To see Matthew’s statement in its entirety, check it out (below).

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