Matthew Morrison blasts ‘innocently untrue’ allegations that lead to him

Matthew Morrison Talking about the controversy that has suddenly engulfed his career this week.

As we are reporting, the 43-year-old star was fired So, you think you can dance He was accused of sending “flirt” messages to a female contestant which made him “uncomfortable”.

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Now, Thursday evening, new Broadway The star speaks for himself – and denies the allegations against him, citing receipts of alleged conversations.

Taking away Instagram To post a video of yourself sitting and talking directly to fans Tony Award-The nominated star talks about how the conversation apparently went downhill. The Cheers Alum denounced the claims against him as “innocently untrue” and said it was “really unfortunate” that he now had to defend himself against something he claimed did not happen.

Speaking about the ordeal, he said:

“It simply came to our notice then. So, for the sake of clarity, I will read to you the message I wrote to a dancer on the show. ”

From there, the star looked at her phone and read aloud the message – she said the only message – she sent the contestant before hitting the fan:

“Hey, it’s Matthew. If you don’t mind, I’d like to get your number and talk to you about something.” Lastly, I sent it because this dancer and I both share a mutual respect for a choreographer I have known for over 20 years and I was trying to help her get a job as a choreographer on the show. “

That’s great.

To move on to the larger issues of the game with this controversy, the actor took a critical approach to the “world where gossip rules,” and denounced the seeming truth that “human life is being thrown around as a clickbite.”

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Morrison says:

“It simply came to our notice then. I think it’s a lot bigger than me and this story. Gossip is poisonous and it is destroying our society and we need to do better. “

Concluding the video, Morrison said he wished the show’s contestants and co-judges “all the best” before signing off.

Here is the full video:

Of course a very strong response from Morrison – a clear, unequivocal rebuke of the allegations against him. Would you buy it?

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