Max Kalsmid admits to cheating on Moria Plath: “I’m f-add up”

At the season premiere of Welcome to Plathville, we learned that Moriah Plath has parted ways with Max Kalsmid.

In this week’s episode of Welcome to Plathville, we’ll learn why.

When they split in late 2021, Kalsmit and Plath had been a romantic team for over a year … not long after, the former gave the latter a promising ring in the third season of the show – and also planned to move to Tampa.

Photo by Max Kalsmidd

In the May 17 return episode, Moriah was devastated.

In an attempt to raise his spirits, Ethan and Olivia Plath invite Mika Plath for a visit to the vicinity of Thanksgiving.

When Mika asks her sister what happened to Max, she just breaks down in tears.

Take a peek at the May 24 installment of Welcome to Plathville, posted by People Magazine, and face Mika Kolsmid about where everything went wrong.

Morea on air

“I’m so bad, man, so bad,” Max began, immediately breaking himself and then falling into the quite explanation of events:

“I have this good friend who is quite a bit older than you and me.

“We worked together and we celebrated her leisure in her place and she invited her female friend that I knew she liked. And so I was trying to be her wingman.

“And so I took things a little further. I was just flirting with her, and it made her think it was okay to try to kiss me, which she did.”

Highest and Micah


“I told Moriah, ‘Oh, it happened,’ and foolishly said, ‘I’m proud of myself for not letting it go too far,'” Max continued to chat with Micker, adding:

“He breaks up with me, which is logically so.”

We have to agree. Even if you believe this version of events (which, to be honest, it seems like an extension), we understand why Moriah would end things as a reaction.

Max Kalsmiddt

Micah admitted in an interview after the conversation, “My biggest emotion was anger when he told me.”

“Now it’s not just a betrayal from Moriah, but also our friendship. Most of us don’t think he was able to do it.”

In a modest fashion, Kalsmidd also tells Mika to stay there for Moriah – which, of course, will be. We are talking about his siblings here.

“Oh, yeah, I love Moria. She’s my closest sister and I get hurt whenever she gets hurt,” Mika tells Max. “And I’ll say I’m really disappointed in you.”

Moriah Plath, boyfriend

Kalsmiddt did not even confess his sins.

“After all this, we had a really tough reflection on our relationship, and we dived into the clothes she wore, and then that kind of annoyed me and in my anger, we just had an explosion. Big argument,” Max continued.

“I must say something that was painful …

“I want to do better.”

Moria Plath on Instagram

At the premiere of the aforementioned season, Moria hinted that betrayal played a role at the end of his romance.

“A few weeks after I moved to Tampa, Max called me one night and just said he was wrong,” she confessed. “I’m not going to go into details. Since then, I’ve been in a dark place.”

“I’m afraid to share what happened to anyone because if I say it out loud it becomes real,” he added.

Welcome to Plathville airs on TLC on Tuesday 10 / 9c.

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