Maya Vander cracks fans with the response of Chrysal Stuas, G. Flip

A. Sell ​​the sunsetThe post-season reunion special, Chrysal Stuas, has unveiled her new relationship.

A few months after things ended with Jason Oppenheim, Chrysal G is dating Flip.

When Chrysler’s exit was celebrated, it was a surprise – to none but Customer Maya Vander.

Her surprised look in response has spread on social media, taking meme status and even weighing Crishel.

Crishel at the reunion

To begin with, Crishel must have been Justin Hartley’s ex.

Most notably, he severed ties with her – via alleged text message – in a tragic moment that Crishel described. Sell ​​the sunset.

Most recently, however, he has been in a relationship with Jason Oppenheim, but the two broke up last year.

Chrysal Stage and Jason Oppenheim selfies

One of the main problems with their breakup, Chrysal explained, is that Jason doesn’t want kids – and Chrysal does.

This is understandable, and breaking up is always a better choice than expecting your partner to one day cave (or be stressed) to see things like you.

But some were surprised that her new partner, G. Flip, is unlikely to help Chrysal get pregnant if the kids are what she wants.

Crishel and G. Flip

G. Flip introduced them to nonbinary, and to the Crisel Reunion.

It was a thrilling move, both for fans of Chrysler’s happiness pursuit and for those who are happy to see the daily presence by the binary people.

But, as we have said, Chrysler’s reasons for parting ways with Jason seemed to be to disagree with his choice of a new partner.

Maya Vander is apparently confused

There was no one more apparently confused than Maya Vander.

The apparent conflict of Chrysler’s dating habits is due to her puzzled appearance.

Gaining quick meme status on social media, and especially on gay Twitter, people couldn’t get over Maya’s reaction.

Maya Vander Twitter response

That alone wasn’t acceptable – Speaking of gay Twitter, Sam Grisman mistakenly admits to saying “G flop” and jokes about plans to use it as an insult this summer.

What really makes this moment beautiful is, however, Chrysler’s reaction.

It is not the slightest contradiction that he himself used the meme to explain why he was dating G. Flip, or that no one else was likely to conceive him.

Chrysler Stoos IG Maya Vander Meme, featuring Mother's Day

“I realized how many people didn’t know that you could adopt children on your own,” reads Maya Mem.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who are with us,” Crishel captioned the photo earlier this week.

“And,” he continued, “to those who are no more.”

G flip picture

“Regardless of how you got there,” Crishel writes, a reference to how there are so many paths to motherhood.

“That Themayavandar is a supportive beautiful mother,” she complimented, “and we laughed about it before we posted.”

Chrysler then admitted: “I know many of you are confused. But what’s important is that I’m not.”

Chrysler Stoves on Netflix

“Thank you for your beautiful open mind,” Crishel said.

He concludes by writing: “I want to hug you.”

Aha! What a beautiful.

g Flip Insta

People are dating (or) a non-binary partner Any Trans Partner) knows that they and their relationship will be kept under close scrutiny.

It is no secret that transphobia is rampant in the world, and non-binary people are not free because they often stay away from conversations.

Fortunately, Chrysler has many helpful friends and fans who are happy for her and G. Flip. It seems that despite some preliminary questions, Maya is one of them.

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