Meet Honey Boo Boo’s much older boyfriend on the reality show debut!

Madhu Bu Bu She finally introduces her boyfriend to her family (and the world), and let’s just say things are getting exciting fast!

The Mama June: The Road to Redemption Star, born Alana ThompsonThe 20-year-old has been dating Darlene Carswell From the beginning of 2021 – but it has not been smooth sailing. He has created some online hatred for their age gap (he is only 16 years old and at a different stage in his life). When Mama June No problem with the relationship, now Darlene has to pass the real test: impressing her older sister Lorraine “Pumpkin” Shannon.

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Watching a glimpse of an upcoming episode, Pumpkin is seen waiting to interrogate his sister-in-law. He told the camera in his confession:

“Today I am meeting Darlene, this little boy talking mysteriously to Alana. I’m that protective sister, I just want to see, is she around for the right reasons? Is he just saying Hani Bu Bu or is he near Alana? ”

Things started off on a rock when he was late. Although he apologized, he returned:

“I don’t like being late, okay?”

Once they sat down, Darlene shared that she had met Alana “through some friends.” Asked to describe his “purpose”, he simply said:

“I mean, I like him. We just started talking. “

Pumpkin then ran through a series of questions, asking:

“Alana herself is a good girl, she really tries to give to the world when she has nothing to give. So I have a few questions. Are you faithful Are you respectful Will you go there for Alana? Will you listen to him Do you have a driver’s license? “

He answered “yes, ma’am” to all questions and also confirmed that he had no “drug history” and that he was a “family man”. All good things!

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Pumpkin, which is now in Hani Bu Bu’s legal custody, then laid down some basic rules:

“School is very important. So he won’t hang out every week. On weekends, he would stay home for a set period of time. You’re one minute late, she’s not chatting anymore. “

Upon hearing this, Darlene made the mistake of laughing something Lorin didn’t like! When he didn’t reveal why he was smiling (although it was clear he thought the reality star was bluffing with that last comment), the 22-year-old retorted:

“When I see someone, I know a liar. My mother is a liar, dealing with it for a long time, so it doesn’t need to come from you either. Do you understand that? “

Oh, Dang !!

What an intense first meeting! We hope he can prove himself in the long run! Watch the ch-ch-clip (below)!

Feedback, fan reader? Do you like watching Darlene talk to Lorraine anymore?

[Image via WE tv/YouTube & Honey Boo Boo/Instagram]

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