Megan Fox cuts holes in her jumpsuit to “have sex” with machine gun Kelly, maybe

Megan Fox and Machinegun Kelly were in front and center on Sunday night at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

But really, well … not for any music related reason.

On stage at the event, machine gun Kelly Fox and her future child both dedicated a performance on the “Twin Flame” track, telling the crowd:

“I wrote this song for my wife … and it’s for our unborn child.”

Megan Fox and machine gun Kelly on the red carpet

Both the classifications surprised the fans.

Fox and Kelly got engaged in January, but have they already exchanged vows?

Whatever the reason, Kelly There is The Ellen DeGeneres used the term to describe her red hot girlfriend when appearing on the show, referring to Fox as her “wife” at least in one past episode.

He also told James Corden on The Late Late Show that he was considering fleeing in a “secret fashion” comment: “I just want to let go … let the world see it as it comes.”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at the Billboard Awards

Pregnancy rumors that Kelly generated through this offering?

Hours after the Billboard Music Awards performance, he jumped on Twitter and wrote, “I was heartbroken to sing the last of that song,” explaining:

“I recorded Twin Flame 2 years ago today, the second half came a year later. I was able to sing it for you tonight beautifully.”

This would almost indicate that Fox and Kelly were expecting a baby, but sadly lost the baby for an abortion. However, we would really prefer not to guess.

Megan Fox and MGK

Fox, for his part, was less in a reflective and / or sensitive mood on Monday morning. ‘

The actress instead shared an Instagram slideshow of photos and videos shown here in a shiny blue jumpsuit while in Las Vegas for the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

In a screen grab of a text message thread, the gorgeous star asks her stylist:

“Was this blue dress expensive because we just cut a hole in the crotch so we could have sex?”

Fox Crouch

In response, before adding her stylist, she said “I hate you” along with three smiley emojis: “I’ll fix it.”

Fox and Kelly have been quite open about their physical chemistry since they got together in July 2020.

They often refer to their sex life and this personal life, recently admitting that they drink each other’s blood in anger.

Machine gun Kelly with Megan Fox photo

In their first joint interview as a couple, meanwhile, Fox called MG his “twin flame”, hence the name of the track he sang on Sunday.

“I knew in that look that he was the one I called Twin Flame,” he said at the time.

“Instead of a soul mate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended to a level high enough that it can split into two different bodies at the same time.

“So we’re actually two parts of the same soul, I think. And I told him almost immediately, because that’s when I felt it.”

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