Megan Merkel visits Uvalade in Texas in the wake of the elementary school shooting

Meghan Merkel paid her last respects to the 21 victims of the mass shooting in Uvalade, Texas on Tuesday.

As you can see below, the Duchess of Sussex traveled to the city’s Uvalade County Courthouse on May 24 to see the memorial to 19 children and two teachers killed in a mass shooting at Rob Elementary School.

“Today, Megan, the Duchess of Sussex, visited Uvalade, Texas,” said a spokeswoman for Meghan and Prince Harry.

“She took this visit as a personal empowerment as a mother, to personally express her sympathy and support to a community facing unimaginable grief.

Meghan Merkel in Uvalade, Texas

On Tuesday morning, an 18-year-old gunman reportedly shot his grandmother before driving to Rob Elementary School – and, armed with an AR-15, entered the school, beating a school officer.

He intercepted himself inside a classroom and simply fired.

According to a new report, the teenager was seen as a teacher in the classroom, said “good night” and was shot dead.

He then did the same with many students who were stuck in the room.

Meghan Merkel is mourning

The U.S. Border Protection agent eventually entered the school and shot the gunman dead, a senior Homeland Security official told various outlets hours after the tragedy.

A DPS spokesman said the gunman was wearing armor and fired hundreds of rounds.

Merkel, meanwhile, lives in Los Angeles.

She and Prince Harry moved to the United States about two years ago after leaving the royal family.

Meghan at the Invictus Games

While sharing her condolences, the former actress was seen walking around the memorial and observing its crosses … each with the names of one of the 21 victims.

He kept a bouquet of white roses on the cross for Uzziah Garcia.

Uzia’s father, Sergio Garcia, told the Los Angeles Times that his youngest son, Karaoke, loved to sing, play video games, and did not say “I love you.”

Everything about this incident is heartbreaking.

Meghan looks at Harry

“He was my world. He was my everything,” Garcia told the newspaper, adding:

“Now I can never hold her again, and never kiss her again.”

For her part, this is not the first time Merkel has expressed her condolences to the victims of an unconscious attack.

Meghan and Harry are walking together

In 2019, she and her famous husband paid tribute to the victims of a terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand … where 50 people were killed and dozens more injured after a pair of gunmen opened fire on a mosque.

They left flowers with a note outside the New Zealand House in London.

Meghan writes: “Our deepest sympathies. We are with you.”

Harry signed his name with “Arohanui”, which is Maori for “greetings”.

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