Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry show signs of “problems” during recent appearances,

It’s been more than two years since Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry moved to the United States, and depending on who you ask, the duke and duchess’s time in America is either a huge success or a failure.

The truth, as usual, can be found somewhere in those extremes.

Despite what some pundits believe, Meghan and Harry seem to be OK, both financially and in their relationship.

But to be honest, they probably thought that by now, they would go a little further on the condition that they establish themselves as American media moguls.

Meghan, Harry

Critics of the couple have rejoiced at the recent setbacks, including Megan’s Netflix animated series, Pearl Cancel, which focused on the adventures of a young girl who would draw inspiration from examples set by famous women throughout history.

Since Meghan and Harry first started signing the media deal, it has been the kind of promising content that promised and the fact that it was removed before the release of a single episode does not bode well for the future of the Sussex brand.

The decision may have been more related to Netflix’s recent budget problems than the quality of the project, but the fact remains that after two years at LA, Megan and Harry still haven’t made their mark as media tycoons.

Meghan and Harry at the Invictus Games

Richard Eden, editor of the Daily Mail and a royal expert, told the Palace Confidential Podcast this week:

“They invested a lot of hope in it. A lot of Harry’s memoirs seem to be flowing.”

As far as we know, there was no hindrance in the planning of Harry’s memoirs, but Eden may be referring to the fact that Harry and Megan want to move away from the gossip surrounding their personal lives and re-identify themselves as the initiators of the sensitive uprising.

In 2018 Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry

Of course, Eden sees the problem wherever he looks, even taking a vague view of Meghan’s presence in Harry’s recent polo games.

Eden said this week, “I realize there’s really something wrong with that.”

“These photos of Megan being involved in all these polo events are very intriguing,” he continued.

Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry clap

“I remember writing about polo in Britain many years ago that Meghan Harry was not very interested in playing polo matches unless it was guaranteed that it would raise £ 1 million for each charity.”

Eden claims that Meghan seems to have lowered her standard and is now perfectly fine with Harry competing in a low-profile match.

“He felt he had to play a match below him that would earn him a few thousand pounds while going to big-ticket matches.

Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry: A picture

“But she’s here, playing polo every week, and we’ve been able to get Meghan to attend all these events, handing out trophies the way she did at the Invictus Games.

“To me, this is an indication that all is not well.”

This past weekend, Meghan was next to Harry when he competed in a match at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racket Club.

Meghan Merkel: A Photograph

Meghan even gifted the trophy to Harry’s team after their win.

In terms of public visibility, this is a very big week for Harry and Meghan, who will be attending the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in London.

Although Sussex will not be joining the rest of the royal family in the official parts of the ceremony, the event will mark the first time in two years that Harry and Meghan will be under the same roof as Elizabeth, Charles, William and Kate.

Meghan, Harry, Elizabeth

The eyes of the world will be watching.

And no doubt everyone involved will do their utmost to send the message that all is well among the most famous families in the world.

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