Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry: Why is Prince Charles so desperate for them?

There was a time when it seemed Meghan Merkel would never set foot in the UK again.

A few months after Meghan and Prince Harry stepped down from their roles as senior members of the royal family, they seemed eager to distance themselves from the rest of the royal family.

Meghan maintained that distance for more than two years after she and Harry moved to Los Angeles, but last month, she joined her husband in London to the surprise of many royal observers.

During the trip, Harry and Meghan met the Queen, and the meeting seemed to go quite smoothly.

Meghan, Harry, Elizabeth

In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were invited to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, to be held in early June.

Critics of Harry and Meghan would undoubtedly prefer to reject the Elizabeth couple’s attempt to repair the fence.

But to the chagrin of the haters, members of the elderly royal family are eager to resolve their differences with the isolated American faction of the family.

Liz, Megan, Harry

Their reason for this is probably a combination of personal and professional.

After all, it’s usually best to stay with the family if one is able, and in this case, the key players are also partners in a very lucrative business venture, which makes the possibility of burying the hatchet even more attractive.

And Elizabeth is not the only veteran royal who understands this.

Outside Queen Elizabeth II

At 96, the queen can’t wait to say how long she will reign, and preparations are already under way to hand over the inevitable power to her eldest son and heir, Prince Charles.

Last week, Charles attended the opening ceremony of the State Parliament on behalf of the Queen, the first time she has represented her mother in so much power.

The media is watching Charles every step of the way these days, and many experts and outlets have noted that he seems keen to ensure the support of Harry and Megan.

Prince Charles Snapshot

Even journalist Tina Brown – who has been a vocal critic of Harry and Meghan in the past – admits that Charles’s Harry and Meghan would “be needed”, describing Sussex as the Crown’s “huge asset.”

Brown said in a recent podcast interview, “I guess Charles really wants to get them back – they really need to get back – because Harry and Meghan were a huge asset to the whole royal family, quite frankly,” Brown said in a recent podcast interview.

“They had a young appeal that was very strong in the country.”

Meghan, Harry, Charles

Journalist and royal expert Kinsey Schofield echoed Brown’s comments, adding that for Charles, Harry and Megan have a very personal side to this new effort on behalf of the court.

“I think she’s desperately in love with Prince Harry – she loves Prince Harry,” Schofield said. To reveal This week.

“He doesn’t like his activities, but Prince Harry has his DNA, and he hurts when they don’t talk, he hurts when things aren’t going the right way and I think he’s anxious to start the healing process.” .

Picture of Prince Charles

“I think Prince Charles is very forgiving.”

So obviously, Charles knows what he wants – but it may not be so easy to find.

Insiders say that during his last trip to London from Sussex, Harry met his father, but the two talked for only 15 minutes.

If Charles wanted Harry and Meghan during his coronation he would have to do better than that!

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