Meghan Merkel introduces Lilibate to the Queen … but Rally uses the baby to cut the SNUB

There is a lot of style and circumstance surrounding the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

People living in the UK and some Commonwealth countries got a four-day weekend and the event did not take place under the same roof for more than two years, bringing together members of the royal family.

Naturally, most of the coverage centers on Queen Elizabeth II and her 70-year reign, but there is also a lot of ink spread about Megan Merkel and Prince Harry.

Back in April, Megan and Harry visited the United Kingdom for the first time since they left for the United States in early 2020.

Liz, Megan, Harry

The tour went much smoother than the couple’s critics expected, and soon after, Harry and Megan were invited to join in the jubilee.

If you have ever seen The crownSo you probably know that Elizabeth’s decision to protect the institution of the British royal family, and her decision to invite Sussex to the anniversary, was probably the result of PR tactics.

But as a bonus, the invitation created an opportunity for an encounter that many royal observers feared would never happen.

Outside Queen Elizabeth II

We are, of course, talking to the Queen and her granddaughter Lilibet.

Harry and Meghan welcomed Lillibet in June 2021, but she still couldn’t cross paths with Elizabeth.

According to a new TMZ report, Harry and Meghan officially presented Lilibet to the Queen during a private luncheon.

Meghan, Harry, Elizabeth

The Lilliputian Queen is named after Prince Philip’s nickname, so it would have been very sad if the 96-year-old king had not had the opportunity to meet his youngest grandchildren.

Interestingly, tomorrow is Lilliput’s first birthday, and it looks like members of the royal family are planning a suitable hot shower.

Most families will be present – but according to TMZ, there will be at least one obvious absence.

Kate Middleton in 2022

The site states that Kate Middleton will not be attending the party.

Many are taking this as a sign that Meghan and Kate are still at odds with each other, which is not surprising given the amount of drama that has unfolded between them.

During her Oprah interview, Meghan revealed that Kate had made her cry a few days before her wedding.

Meghan Merkel at the Platinum Jubilee

And of course, Meghan also revealed that an unnamed member of the Windsor group had expressed concern about the color of Meghan’s unborn child during her first pregnancy.

Insiders say the whole family was upset about the revelations, but no one was more upset than Kate and Prince William.

Sussex and Windsor Jubilee communicated over the weekend and viewers said their conversations seemed civic.

Will and Kate sip some wine

However, there are still some obstacles between the two couples.

Harry and Meghan weren’t invited to join the rest of the royal family on the porch for the Royal Air Force Flyover, and Kate doesn’t seem to have been invited to Lilliput’s birthday party.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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